Limited Edition PS4 PRO Classic

Coloware announced that they will be releasing 25, yes only 25 limited edition PS4 Pro with the same color as the Original Play Station. The color looks pretty cool, but the price not so much, the device will be sold for $899, this is what you can find in their site:

“It was the year 1994, Sony came up with a system that managed to create its own market and beat all competitors. The Sony PlayStation changed everything, it felt like something new after watching Sega and Nintendo dominate the market. Let’s celebrate that old grey box! Colorware has recreated the classic look of the first Playstation by integrating those retro colors into the newest PlayStation 4 Pro gaming console. This is a limited edition console with only 25 being made in the world! Your console will have its own number of authenticity. Don’t miss this opportunity to go back in time!

With the PlayStation 4 Pro, Sony has introduced console gamers to the beautiful world of 4k and HDR. With this new system Sony is giving gamers whole new worlds to explore. With Greater Draw Distances, softer features, and advanced visual fx games look and feel more realistic than ever. Now your console can look as good as it does on your new 4K TV.” Source


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