3Ds XL Pokemon Sun/Moon Edition

Nintendo is taking the chance to add a new 3Ds Pokémon Sun/Moon edition. The new device will be available on October 28th for North America and November 18th for the United Kingdom. The device has the silhouette of Lunala and Solgaleo, in a white color with the device in color black. In my honest opinion this Pokémon version is pretty simple and can be done in existing devices by doing our own paint. The device 3Ds XL will cost $200/£180. As noted in the Engadget article, the device will not come with the game like Pokemon Red and Blue did, but there is a bundle including both games and 100 Pokeball for $80, I will research more on this one to have a link.


New update for Resident Evil VII Demo!


So a new trailer came out showing a bit more of the REVII game and to be honest as of right now from what I have seen I am not liking where the game is going. The video shows small clips from Ethan I assumed, in the house from the 1st demo, he is captured and forced to eat I guess either human flesh. The whole “dinner” scene reminded me of older movies like Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Wrong Turn, and The Hills Have Eyes, a distorted family with “crazy” ones forcing others to do what they want. If the game continues in this route I don’t think I will like it at all. At the end of the video Continue reading

The Division 1.4 Update Delayed!

Another delay has come to The Division, what it was supposed to be a launch of a Test Server for 1.4 update for PC player has now been delayed, a Live Stream from Twitch has apparently been delayed as well on which they were going to announce the new 1.4 updates they are working on.  This was decided due to not having all they wanted to show for us, and I’m ok with that because that shows they are really working on improving the game-play for everyone that plays the game. You can read the notes and blog here.

The new update 1.4 will be really good for all players, PVE and PVP, this will include the following: Continue reading

Pokemon Go “Buddy” Update


As of today 9/13/16 I am still waiting for Pokémon Go update 0.37.0 for my Android device and nothing yet. Over the weekend some reports that users had already received the new update including the “buddy” system, but most of my friends and people I have talked to, have not yet received any update, not sure what are the requirements and if its only at certain markets. With the Pokémon Go Plus device coming in 3 days, people will want to get the update ASAP to be able to start collecting candy and items. Continue reading

PS4 Software Update 4.00

Today 9/13/16 Play Station will be updating all PS4 variations (not that there are many out now) to the new Software 4.00, this update will bring a new UI, Folder organizations for games, Quick Menu, Share Menu and much more. I will list a few features below and the rest you can always check this link.

Quick Menu, it will allow you to enter the menu screen without leaving the game, this is really cool in some occasions when I play games and need to access a message or perhaps an invitation leaves the whole game to enter the menu and then I have to get back on the game, it gets annoying when you invite people to join an ongoing game that requires your full attention and all your time. In this quick menu they have added Music, which will allow you to play music from Spotify. Continue reading

NX Early Release?

Some good news have been released today regarding the Nintendo NX, it is not much but is worth it. It has been said that Nintendo NX may get release in October 2016, Nintendo is said to have a booth ready for the NX for this weekend at the Tokyo Game Show, but we are unsure if it is really to announce an early release date or to finally provide us better information on what is to be expected from the NX , to finally tell us specs. I will be interesting if they were to release the game earlier than expected, this for sure will raise Nintendo’s Stock.


New Ultra Beast and Pokemon Evolution!

New information has been released from CoroCoro Magazine showing us new Pokémon, actually new Ultra Beast Monsters. AS previously shown, we knew about UB-01, which is what it was named, now we know of 2 more Ultra Beasts, UB02 Beauty, and UB03 Expansion, respectively one looks like a white mantis I think, and the other one to me looks kind of like a mosquito, or a really bulked shrimp. Within those images we can see new evolutions from Rockruff, which as mentioned on previous post, he will be able to evolve to different forms according to the time of the evolution either day or night similar to Eevee. Everyday new information is out, I just hope the game is a good as previous ones, and why wouldn’t it be with these new Ultra Beast in the game, is making the time move slower. So what do you think about the UB and current forms out? Got any favorite one?