My Thoughts so far for The Division 1.4 Update


Tuesday was finally the release of 1.4 for The Division, an updated that we had been waiting for so long hoping this would fix a so broken game and well I can say the update fix some but not all the issues. Some of the main issues were the overpowered NPC in the DZ, some using shotguns shooting you from long distances having perfect accuracy and at times deadly accuracy, which for shotguns at long distance is not believable. Other issue was the time to kill, I experienced in my team of 4 people all of us at least loaded a full clip on purple or gold NPC, that was a lot of bullets wasted. Now the time to kill is reasonable, I don’t expect them to die with one shot it would be way too easy. Continue reading

Dragon Ball Super Eps. 53-56


As Beerus and Whis go to investigate the ki from that Black Goku, Bulma and the Pilaf gang stay behind trying to repair the broken down time machine.Trunks has already visit older friends and noticed how much different their life is, no chaos and no deaths as on his future. Trunks is surprised how Android 18 is a good person on this life and how Gohan has dedicated his life to his family and job while in his timeline he died fighting to protect the humans from the androids.

Goku, Beerus and Whis trabel to the Universe 10 Kaio, to meet the soon to be Kaio-Shin names Zamasu, his master tells them he is a kind hearth person that is the reason he was chosen to be a Kaio-Shin. While in there Goku wants to fight Zamasu, but Zamasu has already shown he hates human race due to their fighting nature. Gowasu, agrees to let Zamasu and Goku fight, that fight did not last long having Goku overpower Zamasu, this ignited even brighter the hate for humans inside him. Back on earth Bulma is almost done with the time machine, Vegata and Trunks test their skills and finds out that Trunks is not powerful enough. Continue reading

The Flash Season 3: Paradox

Barry is back in his timeline and happy that he didn’t get to forget all his memories, but right before Reverse Flash left him, he was warned that things wouldn’t be the same and they sure weren’t. Once he walked inside and mentioned Iris it seemed like she had died and it was frown upon to mention her name like bringing bad memories, but we learned later that her and her dad were mad due to hiding her mom’s death.

 When Barry goes to the lab and see everyone there something is odd, Cisco seems angry at him, Iris and Mr West don’t talk. He tries to make jokes and be the same Barry that he has always been but gets pushed back. After some time, he later realizes that the change he made in the past has not only affected him but everyone in the world. He goes and talks to Felicity and tells her everything that happened, how he traveled in time to save his mom and living in an alternate world where he started to lose his memories so he had to come back let his mom get kill and now Cisco’s brother is dead, Iris and Joe don’t talk and now he seems to have a partner that he don’t like. Continue reading

Final Pokemon Sun/Moon Starter Evolution Forms


A new Pokémon video has been released and I think this may be the last one since the game comes out in less than a month, but who knows we may have more surprised come out soon. As I mentioned in my previous blog, the data mining they did was correct, at least for one Pokémon, actually 2, Dugtrio and Persian. If you have played the Demo there is one part where you talk to a lady and she lets you use your Rotom-Dex to take a picture of a Pokémon, which ends up being the back of the Alola Dugtrio version, which is the same normal one but with golden hair. Continue reading

The Walking Dead Season 7 Ep.1

Finally, The Walking Dead came on and well it wasn’t disappointing. So before you continue reading, if you have not seen the show then stop reading because I will talk about the episode and it will contain spoilers. After many months waiting for the show it finally resumed and well this first episode was as excited as season 7 finale.

Episode started off with Rick’s team held down by Negan’s men, they were not ready for confrontation so they got outnumbered and outgunned. We wanted to know who was going to die and well they finally showed it. He started bashing Abraham’s head and moved on to Glenn’s head. Yes two of the man characters died, if you follow the comic by now Abraham is gone and well Glenn was the only other person that needed to die in order for the show to take a drastic change. It was pretty gross and well cool at the same time how they showed them getting beat up. Continue reading

Dragon Ball Super Review Eps.46-52

Two months ago I stated I would keep up with Dragon Ball Super, but due to many anime to watch, and other TV shows that I need to keep up with, it has been too hard to keep up the DBS blog. I will try to talk on this blog about what has happened up until now, it may be a lot to write but I will try to keep it short and to the point. Last blog ended on the episode where Vegeta and Goku were about to fight once again so let’s get started. Continue reading

Pokemon Sun/Moon Special Demo Thoughts


So the new Pokémon Sun/Moon Special Demo has been out for almost a week now and well here are my thoughts. I know is just a demo and I shouldn’t expect much from it, I have read many articles online about how much data-mining they have done and how many new Pokémon they have found by doing so, but a demo should be a bit more, special that this one. I have played other game demos longer than this one and well this one leaves a lot to wish for. Continue reading