New Legend of Zelda Footage

Last night before the Game Awards, we were shown a brand new Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild game footage and I can say the video was great. The video shows some parts that we didn’t see on the previous videos nor the demo gameplay, some parts reminded me of Twilight Princess. We see Link fighting and walking in some small town riding Epona, and a small scene where an enemy fly up to a kind of flying machine looking like a bird, it looks like that fight will be awesome.

Then we see what we have already seen, Link fighting the guardians, and a huge explosion, but what caught my eye was the short part where a person walks wearing the same kind of blue outfit that Link is wearing and what it looks like long blonde hair. At first I thought, Linkle? But then we see a destroyed town and Link getting some sort of energy around his body, then he is kneeling and next to him the same person is shown, well just the hand, but by looking at the front part of her outfit I believe is Princess Zelda. Check the video below and let me know what you think, oh and yes it looks like the game will be available for Wii U and Switch.


Last Pokemon of the Year 2016: Meloetta

Is time for the last 20th Anniversary Mythical Pokémon Distribution for this year. Time went by quick, and thanks to this Pokémon distribution many of us were able to get their Pokedex done. For the month of December, we have Meloetta a Normal/Psychic Pokémon, it comes at level 100, Serene Grace ability and quick attack, confusion and round as the moves. This last Pokémon will be able to be obtained using the Nintendo Network, you know what to do boot up your favorite Pokémon X/Y or ORAS game, click Mystery Gift and connect to the internet, as easy as that. Enjoy!


Nintendo New York Event

For all the Nintendo fans including myself, Nintendo will have the 1st Nintendo Switch event of the year on January 12th 2017. The event will be streamed for all of us to see, during this presentation they will reveal the final price and final release date, since it was finally announced it was just said March 2017, But I think it will be between March 24th to the 31st. That is a weird date to release it, since the 1st quarter ends in March, but who knows maybe they have a strategy, anyways back to the important subject.

While the debut will be held in Tokyo, Japan, in New York the day after which is January 13th 2017 will have a 5-hour hands-on event. Not sure if the event will be open to the public by buying tickets or if it will be a closed event just for the press, but I know this place will be packed. Assuming the event, I’m sure they few games that people will be able to play will be Legend of Zelda, a Mario game and possibly a Splatoon for the Switch. I hope during this even they release more information on future games or the games that will be available at launch. For now, that is all that has been announced, no specific location for the New York event, so let’s stay tuned for new information to come out before the end of the year.


Future of Battlefield and Battlefront 2

So I was reading this article regarding Battlefield and Star Wars Battlefront and I lied what I read. First of Battlefield, it has been a month and some days since the game released, the game to me was and had been great, but it has been said there will not be another Battlefield anytime soon. That was to be expected, Battlefield 4 was released on October 29th, 2013 basically 3 years later we had Battlefield 1. But the good news is that if they were to make a new Battlefield, it would come out until late 2018, which is only a couple of years away.

Now to Star Wars Battlefront, the game when it was announced it was the best game ever, many people had been waiting for a game like this and we finally were going to get it. Once information was released about not having a story/campaign mode some people did not like that. Up until today many people wish there was a campaign mode, just like there are many people that only care about the PVP Online gaming, there are still some like me that like to play every now and then a solo campaign mode. Well the game was released and a lot of people thought it could’ve been better. I personally liked it the way it was even without the campaign mode but I feel it could have been much better. Since they only focus on few locations I think the new DCLs could’ve had much richer and better locations.

I think that due to the criticism they released some new modes for solo players, so they could get better at the game or just have a better feel of it. Well in the article I read that Battlefront 2 is on its way, and will be released Fall 2017. They will let the player emerge itself on the game, I guess it will have much more customization. I personally loved Battlefield 4 customization from battle packs and wish Battlefield 1 was the same, but that is a different story. So what do you think about a Battlefront 2 coming next year? Is it too soon? I mean Battlefront came out a year ago, I think if they add more content and listen to player’s ideas the game could be much better than the first one.


PSN December Free Games

December’s PSN Free games list is out, and 2 of those games were already leaked earlier in the week. The games will be, PS4 Invisible Inc. and Stories: Path of the Destinies. For PS3 Hyper Void and Tiny Troopers: Joint Ops, this one comes as a cross-buy which allows you to play it on the PS4 and the PS Vita. And the PS Vita lineup are, Color Guardians and VVVVVV, this one can be played on PS4 due to cross-buy as well. You will be able to get these games on Tuesday December 6th.

Download Episodes from Netflix New Update

Finally you can now download your favorite shows from Netflix app to any device iOS or Android. The update was just rolled out today, so if you have a commute where you have no internet and want to watch your favorite shows from Netflix, just click the download icon and you are ready to go. The option is not available on all the shows, but I did find quite a few of them. Give it a try, download your favorite shows and enjoy.


New Nintendo 3Ds Black Friday Sale

Are you ready for Black Friday? Is just 3 weeks away, actually 2 and a half. If you don’t know what to get and you are a gamer, well here is one option. Nintendo will have the New Nintendo 3Ds XL for $99.99, yes only $100 bucks! The special edition comes in black and white with Mario drawings around it, if you ask me this is a great deal, so don’t wait make that line, there is no telling how many will be available at stores.