Japan 2020!


Rio Olympics 2016 ended and now Japan 2020 is coming, well in 4 years but is coming. Did you like the introduction of “Mario” to the Olympics? I saw it and thought it was a bit cheese but hey I still liked it. SO now that this was done, what can we expect from Japan 2020? I read a few articles and it has been said that those Olympics will be the geekiest Olympics, and the reason why is because I think Japan knows how they will bring people to the Olympics or at least to visit the country. There are many gamers that if they are not interested in Olympics I know this coming one will be something different. Let’s see what Japan 2020 can bring for gamers, I know it was said they wanted to add gaming to the Olympics but tin my opinion is not a good idea. In the meantime let’s start saving so we can attend Japan 2020 Olympics!

New Alola Forms: Dragonite?


Over the past week we have seen new Alola form from previous Pokémon, from Vulpix, Sandshrew, Ninetales and recently Marowak and Raichu. Raichu it was one of the forms that I kind of guess it was going to happen, actually I thought it was going to be a ground Pikachu or something in that matter but well when I saw raichu it looked like a fairy type. Even more recently there has been speculations that the newer forms for existing Pokémon are going to be Dragonite and Zubat, and to be honest I’m not liking where this is going. Every week or so they show us new form and only a few original new Pokémon, meaning that if they were to add new 150 Pokémon some of them will be old Pokemon with new forms. What are your thoughts on “re-making” with new forms older Pokémon? Is it a good idea? Check the video below from YouTuber aDrive


Pokemon Go another Update!


Yesterday Niantics released a new update for Pokémon Go, for Android 0.33.0 and for iOS 1.3 which has new enhancements for some and new visuals for all of us. First thing they added a new dialog for people that are in a car, you have to confirm you are not the one driving in order to let you keep playing, I can see this getting bypassed very easily by careless drivers. The bug that prevented the NI, Great and Excellent throw has been fixed and we can now be awarded the right XP per catch. A one-time change of the Pokémon Trainer can now be done, just be really careful since you can only change your username one time. Continue reading

The Division Underground PS4


Finally after almost a month of waiting, PS4 players have been able to play the new Division expansion Underground. This new DLC added not just underground but a new incursion “Dragon Nest” which was pretty rough, at least it was for me. The new Underground has brought new gear sets, new weapons and a variety of new missions. What I have liked from Underground is how missions change every time you start a new “operation”, so far since I started playing I have not re-played the same mission, is like a mix and match sections of the Underground, not sure how many pieces there are but is interesting playing those missions. Continue reading

New Pokemon Sun and Moon trailer!!


Today Monday was revealed the newest trailer showcasing new Pokémon in the upcoming Pokémon Sun and Moon, and a new twist to some existing Pokémon from Generation 1 and lastly a new power move. First we see some new Pokémon shown in the video, I think it was just 3 or 4 but what caught my eye the most was the new forms some of generation 1 Pokémon will be getting. As an example as shown in the video, Vulpix and Ninetails will now be Ice and Ice/Fairy, Sandshrew and Sandslash are ice and steel while exeggutor just stretched his neck and added a new head behind him. This new Alola forms I can say are not what I was expecting, not sure if they ran out of ideas on what kinds to make now and went to change their forms. Continue reading

Pokemon Go New Update!


Pokemon Go

Over the weekend we saw another Pokémon Go update, for Android 0.31.0 and for iOS 1.1.0, which brought some new enhancements but also took some things away.  First off let’s talk about what it was enhanced or added. You may now re-customize your character from the profile screen, this is an ok update since some people changed wanted to change the color of their avatar to match their team selected at level 5. Among other things done to the up was adjusting Pokémon damage on certain Pokémon, improved memory issues, the Pokémon detail screen was updated as well, so the CP power is larger while the actual “CP” is made smaller.

Now as far as what it was removed, the ability to track Pokémon is basically gone, and this has made a lot of players mad. They removed the footprints from under the Pokémon which at launch the number of footprints decreased from 3 to 1 as you got closer to that Pokémon you were looking for. When the first update/patch was done the footprint stayed at 3 so we knew something was wrong, but even after that “glitch” we were able to still click the Pokémon you wanted and track it down, now with the new update that is impossible. You cannot click on any Pokémon to track and we are not sure now how many meters/feet are all the nearby Pokémon.

Continue reading

Fan-made Fully Working Mini-NES

Raspberry Pi is a grate pc, can it be called pc? Sure it can, well we have seen many people use the raspberry pi to do some awesome projects, from calculators, to video game consoles. Now speaking about video game consoles, we all know that Nintendo will be launching the NES Classic Edition, which is a smaller version of the original NES but with only few pre-loaded games and not options for loading side r.o.ms. Well like always there is someone out there that wants to do things better, and this someone is Daftmike who made a working NES including the ability to “use” cartridges like the old NES would. The whole thing is pretty cool, makes me want to ahead and make my own. Check it out and let us know what you think, is it worth it and better than Nintendo’s?