Rock and Fossil Type Pokemon Go Event

Hello Pokemon Go Trainers, Niantics has a new Pokemon Go event that will start on May 18th and will run until May 25th. This event will consist on capturing Rock Pokemon and the Fossil kinds as well. So if you need some Omanyte, Kabuto, Aerodactyl, Onix and other rock type Pokemon, this event is what you were waiting for. But that is not all, Pokestops will provide extra items as well as the buddy Pokemon will require less steps in order to obtain more candy.


A New Pokemon has Appeared! Lycanroc Midnight Form

Good news for Pokemon Fans all over, there is a new Pokemon coming to you soon, this new Pokemon is Lycanroc. Many of you already have it because you got Pokemon Moon, but for those that got Pokemon Sun we had to wait for someone to trade us one or capture it after beating the game. If you are new to Pokemon Sun/Moon and will like to get your hands on this really cool Pokemon well this will be available to you very soon. If you are in the UK you can get it starting May 5th by going to your local game store, if you are in North America you can do the same on May 15th. After obtaining the code you may go to your Mystery Gift and redeem the code. This code will give you a Lycanroc Level  50 with No Guard ability, these four moves: Stone Edge, Fire Fang, Sucker Punch and Sword Dance, also it will be holding Life Orb, Don’t miss this chance, you may already have one Lycanroc but not this special one!


November 3rd, New CoD:WWII!!



So, it has been 2 days since the new CoD game was announced, finally back to WWII a kind of game that I love because that’s the kind of game that got me into FPS. But now there are way too many games out there related to WWII that I am not sure if this was a good move for CoD. I mean when they started doing the whole space battle I just abandoned CoD, my last game I ever played was Modern Warfare Series, after that I just didn’t like it no more, I guess it just did not catch my attention.

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The New Nintendo 2Ds…..XL!

It has been announced a new resigned Nintendo 2Ds and this one looks cool. The main difference is that is no longer a “candy-car” style, or whatever you call it. This time is a flip one like the 3Ds with an XL screen. This new 2Ds is basically the same as a 3DS with no 3D feature, it has the mini-joy stick and ability to read amiibos. The new design does make it look cool, I personally like it and even better with a low price of $149.99, that means the old style 2Ds is now $79.99. Just like the previous form you will able to play 3Ds cartridges and Old Nintendo Ds games.This new device will be out for sale in North America July 28th, Japan on July 13th, in Europe on July 2017 no specific date yet and in Australia in June 15 2017. If you haven’t seen it please check it out, you may even get a new 2Ds!


Attack on Titan Season 2 Ep. 1


I was wondering how to start this blog, words could not make sense in my mind on how to start it so I just stared typing, and here I am. Attack on Titan Season 1 was good, it seemed more like an introduction to the whole mystery of the Titans and the struggle for humanity. Their mystery got more complex with the appearance of the new Titans and humans inside them, that was a big blow on humans knowing that their own people were killing them. Continue reading

Dragon Ball Super Catching up!

If you have not been watching Dragon Ball Super let me tell you that since Black Goku and Samasu you really haven’t miss much. There was a short exposition battle between Universe 7 which is Goku’s universe versus universe 9 which was told to be one one the weakest ones along with 7. The fights that took place were kind of interesting we saw Buu, Gohan and Goku fight, this lasted for about I believe 3 or 4 episodes, but then again it was just a quick show for the God of  All to see.

Since that small show Goku has been back on earth trying to recruit people to join his team, this really has waisted so much good fighting time. He went to get Krillin, Android 18 and now Android 17. In the process of looking for people to join his team he wento Dende to help him find android 17, and they threw a short hint that Uub may be coming back. Dende mentioned to Goku that a little boy with extraordinary power was in earth a resurrection from Buu, from here I think they will dedicate a whole season just for him.  All these episodes with stuff that is not fully related to what is going on are just fillers so they can prolonged the show but some of them have been super boring specially today episode. Continue reading

Attack on Titan Season 1 Recap

Attack on Titan Season 1

After spending almost 2 weeks trying to re-watch Attack on Titan I finally was able to finish all the 1st Season and I have to say there were thing I forgot about it and I’m glad I re-watched it. I have read somewhat of the manga, mainly because I was told it has more information that the anime and well I think that is normal for any anime that started as a manga.

Well season 1 was good, I wished more action was added in the first few episodes instead of spending time showing up their training but hey every anime needs it filler episodes. So humans live basically as Eren said, caged. They have survived for 100 years without any issues from Titans. Titans are huge deformed people that kill humans. They had not been able to cross into the walls encircling the big city until a colossal Titan showed up and broke the 1st wall. From there on humans really started to fight for their survival and defeat titans. Continue reading