The Walking Dead Mid-Season 7 Finale


After so many episodes that I left behind, I am just now catching up and there is so much that has happened, and well some twists I wasnt expecting. I left off since season 7 started, Negan killing Abraham and Glenn and all hell breaking lose for Alexandria. I talk about what has happened so far before the 2nd part of the season but i will try not to go too much into detail.

After Negan killed Abraham and Glenn, he told everyone what he was expecting from them, went to their community and took all their weapons and some of their food. After a small altercation due to some missing guns resulting in almost killing the inventory lady. Negan’s group then goes to the Hilltop and takes what they had promised, while they were there Maggie and Sasha are there tending Maggie due to her baby complication. Things got crazy when Maggie was about to given to the Saviors but it did not happen.

Last episode of the mid season ended when Tara and Heath tried to get some supplies, while in a bridge they got separated by walkers, Tara ended up falling down the bridge in some running water. Tara ended in a new location ran by all women. After she got helped she ventured into their camp where she almost got killed. The group captured her and questioned her, she told them she got there by accident but was not believed. In the middle of dinner they all talked and was told she would be helped to get to her group. Tara knew something was up when in the middle of the walk to the bridge she almost got killed. She ended up getting helped by a local, Tara ended up making it to the bridge safe and sound but could not find Heath anywhere, and when she gets to Alexandria she finds out he did not make it.

The Switch memory may not be as much as we thought



Some of the file sizes for Nintendo Switch have been published and well some of those numbers makes us start thinking what games we will be getting and the extra storage we need. If you are planning on buying the Switch on launch day, you may need to get yourself extra memory. Breath of the Wild is 13.4GB, the Switch has a total of 32GB minus the 6.1GB that Switch software needs to run its software then we will have 25.9GB left for games. If we download Breath of the Wild at 13.4GB it will leave us 12.5GB that will allow us to get Mario Kart 8 Deluxe which is 7GB large and a few smaller games. Don’t forget that besides the game file size you still need a few MB to create d save file. Click here for some other game file size, again if you are one of the lucky ones that gets the Switch at day one, then get yourself extra memory, it will be needed, that is only if  you are interested in the digital games, another option is to buy actual physical copies!


Pokemon Sun/Moon & Pokemon TCG Online Gifts

The Pokémon TCG Online and Pokémon Sun & Moon are having some new event, on which you can obtain few items for each game, in order to obtain these, you will need to visit your local Gamestop/EB Games store. The items to obtain are, a silver bottle cap that can be used in the Hyper Training feature to boost the strength of one of your Pokémon to the max. This code will be available as mentioned in GameStop/EB Games from February 13th to March 3rd or while supplies last. The Pokémon TCG Online item is free, in order to obtain the code to unlock 3 Pokémon cards you will need to make a purchase of $11.95 and these 3 Pokémon cards are Pangoro Promo card, Stufful and Bewear with a freebie Sun & Moon in game card sleeve.


Johto Pokemon are coming to Pokemon GO!

After some time, we finally receive news that Pokémon Go will receive more Pokémon from Generation 2. In an upcoming update we will now start seeing more than 80 new Pokémon from the Johto region, among the new Pokémon of course we will have the 3 Johto starters Chikorita, Cyndaquil and Totodile. This update promises to keep players engaged in the game with new Pokémon, evolutions for the Kanto region that can only be obtain in Johto, new berries and new avatar wardrobe. Check here for more info.


4K Gaming Coming Soon- Project Scorpio Briefing

Finally, the day is coming, and we finally are going to get the information that we been waiting for, well at least all the Xbox fans. It has been announced that in June 11 at 2:00 PM PDT, Microsoft will announce the full details of the Project Scorpio. This console gave us something to talk about, because it is said to be much better than PS4, and have actual 4K gaming, and with all the specs that they said it was going to have, well is something many of us want to see if it will be true. I have been playing both systems PS4 and Xbox One, and as long as I can play my favorite games I really don’t have a favorite, but if Project Scorpio does do 4K gaming and I can tell the difference then I may end up getting one. What do you guys think?


Attack on Titan Season 2 Coming Soon!

By now I am sure many people have read or seen Attack on Titan, if not let me give you a bit of information about it. Among anime and manga, I like, I have Attack On Titan, this anime is about a city that is actually attacked by Titans or giant people. These Titans vary from size and shapes, some are smaller than others but they all have one thing in common, they like to eat humans. A group or people have survived in a city surrounded by walls that protect them from the Titans, until one bigger and stronger than the others showed up and destroyed the wall, allowing other Titans to enter the city and kill many people. The rest I’ll leave it to you to watch on your own. Well for those that already know, Funimation has confirmed a Season 2 coming to us in April 1st. This will be brought to us by Kodansha the manga publisher of Fairy Tail, and 7 Deadly Sins among others.As of now I am not sure who will be transmitting the show, it could be Hulu, Netflix, Crunchy Roll all I know is that this season I’ll be as good as the first one. SO if you are like me, one of those people that like a show but starts watching it with they are 6 seasons in, don’t waste time and watch the first season, it is on Hulu and Netflix with 25 episodes.


Buy Hearthstone and other items with WoW in-game currency!


Image: Nevodka/Shutterstock, Blizzard Entertainment

If you are Blizzard’s fan and enjoy every game they have out, or at least the most popular like WoW, Heartstone and Overwatch well Blizzard has good news for you. If you play WoW and I’m sure many people have play it for many years, the in game currency will not be used to purchase Overwatch lootcrates and Hearthstone card packs. All you need to do is buy WoW Tokens with the WoW in-game currency, and then turn them into fund, this will help purchase whatever you need.