Pokemon Barnes & Noble Special Offer!

Pokemon Sun/Moon Special Offer Barnes & Noble

If you play Pokemon TCG Online Game, thn let me tell you that Barnes & Noble has a special offer. This offer is, buying cards packets with a total up to $11.95 and you will get a special code for 4 cards for the Pokemon TCG Online Game. These cards you will be able to obtain are Celebi, Sandygast, it’s evolution Palossand and a Pokemon Sun/Moon card sleeve. This deal seems ok, only if you don’t have those cards already, if you already have those cards and you like to get the special card sleeve then go buy some cards and get the code to unlock these cool perks. 


Yu-Gi-Oh Duel Links available in Play Store Worldwide Now!

Remember the first time you saw Yu-Gi-oh?  How cool it was seeing those monsters come out those cards and battle for you. Remember buying all those cards to add to your collection to have the best of them all including Exodia, which I only was able to obtain 2 pieces, I loved Yu-Gi-Oh but at that time I had no time and money to spend on cards. I remember playing the first PC game on my old 80GB HDD with probably 1GB at the most of RAM, yeah good old days. Well a new game Yu-Gi-Oh Duel Link has now released worldwide after a soft launch in other countries. You can now play with older cards that you may remember from the original game, the game is available at the Play Store, for the iOS the only one so far is the Yu-Gi-Oh Duel Generations. The game is about 65MB+ with in-app purchase new booster packs and of course you can also get free packs by doing challenges. So what are you waiting for, go get it and have fun!

New Sun and Moon coming soon to TCG Online

Pokemon Sun & Moon TCG

It has been several months that we have enjoyed playing Sun and Moon, many are not fans of the game but are super fans of the Pokémon TCG Online, well as many may already know Sun and Moon are coming to the TCG Online game on February 3rd with over 140 new cards. The most current release is XY Evolutions, and the one before that which I think still pretty new is Steam Siege. Currently at the TCG Online Shop you can get BW Series 3 bundle pack, Black Kyurem (BW58), White Kyurem (BW59) and 3 BW-Plasma Freeze Booster packs for 650 coins. For 450 coins you can get XY Series Regice XY-Ancient Origins 24/98 and 2 XY Break Point Booster packs.  For 530 coins you can get XY Series Wobbuffet XY_Phantom Forces 36/119 and 1 Pokémon TCG XY-Steam Siege booster pack, card sleeves and 1 Pikachu coin. And finally in the featured items for 300 coins you can get either a Charmander or Squirtle Kanto sleeve or for 100 coins a Squirtle Deck Box.

Pokemon TCG Online Store

Pokemon TCG Online Store

13 Free Packs for “Whispers of the Old Gods”

For those Hearthstone fans, I know this may be old news, but not all of us are as well informed as others, so here is some news for the rest of us not so well informed. The new Whisper of the Old Gods has launched and with it we all can get 13 free booster packs, or card pack whoever you want to call it. As we know, packs can cost you some few bucks, but there are ways for you to get nice cards and free packs just by playing the game, or disenchanting duplicate cards. In order to get 13 free packs all you have to do is the following: Continue reading

Plants vs Zombies: Heroes

For some time Blizzard has been on top not just in mobile but pc wise with their new game Hearthstone.  I have mentioned this game before, is a card game similar to Magic the Gathering, well is no news that many companies out there want to do the same with their most popular game and create a card game off of it. I have seen several way before Hearthstone that were somewhat known and good to play mainly for the free to play and actually not spending money at all but those for some reason get boring after a while.

Well now it seems Plants vs Zombies is releasing a new card game free-to-play called Plants vs Zombies Heroes, which is a collectible card game. Since the PvZ game was really well received and PvZ2 was even better it seems that EA wants to use that in their advantage release this game now before people start finding other games to play. The game is available now on iOS and Android, the game is planned to be updated frequently with new cards and new content, from the looks at the images it seems there will have attack and defense points as normal with many card games and the game seems on a chess style board. Like other games you need mana but on this game you actually need sun energy to make moves, in order to win you have to defeat all enemies.  I will download the game and give it a try and see what I like or dislike.



Magic TG Puzzle Game

I know this game Magic The Gathering Puzzle Game has been out for a few months now but I just had a chance to play it for a couple of weeks and well so far the game has been really good. For those who have not played it, well the game is similar to bejeweled mixed with MTG. During the game you have to match 3 or more of the same mana “jewels” or crystal balls in order to provide mana for your monsters. The monsters are just like the MTG game, they are cards that are set aside for you to summon/cast them to defeat your enemy. Continue reading

Pokemon 20th Anniversary News!

As you may know this year is the 20th anniversary since Pokemon was first released in video game, and to celebrate this big milestone The Pokemon Company has many things for us Pokemon Fans. As I mentioned earlier on my blogs, the first of them was the comeback of the original games Red/Blue/Yellow, and along with them a 2Ds version of them, just a basic color system. Well just today I came upon an article from IGN with much more information that I know you will like to hear. Continue reading