PS4 Software Update 4.00

Today 9/13/16 Play Station will be updating all PS4 variations (not that there are many out now) to the new Software 4.00, this update will bring a new UI, Folder organizations for games, Quick Menu, Share Menu and much more. I will list a few features below and the rest you can always check this link.

Quick Menu, it will allow you to enter the menu screen without leaving the game, this is really cool in some occasions when I play games and need to access a message or perhaps an invitation leaves the whole game to enter the menu and then I have to get back on the game, it gets annoying when you invite people to join an ongoing game that requires your full attention and all your time. In this quick menu they have added Music, which will allow you to play music from Spotify. Continue reading


NX Early Release?

Some good news have been released today regarding the Nintendo NX, it is not much but is worth it. It has been said that Nintendo NX may get release in October 2016, Nintendo is said to have a booth ready for the NX for this weekend at the Tokyo Game Show, but we are unsure if it is really to announce an early release date or to finally provide us better information on what is to be expected from the NX , to finally tell us specs. I will be interesting if they were to release the game earlier than expected, this for sure will raise Nintendo’s Stock.


Apple iPhone 7 Event

So yesterday we had some really good news from Apple, the new iPhone 7 looks pretty cool, the new Watch Series 2 has some really nice improvements, I’m still not sure what to think of the Airpods, new Beats and one thing people were not expecting from the Apple event was an announcement from Nintendo. I really was expecting a new iPad Mini Pro or something else besides just the iPhone, but I think those will be announced in March 2017.

First the main device, iPhone 7, the look of the iPhone is pretty cool, nice new color, and like previous models there will be an iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus, both with improved camera but the Plus will have 2 back cameras to allow you to take wide-angle telephotos with optical zoom up to 10x. A new addition to the iPhone was water splash resistant; I think this will help a lot of users from breaking their phone with them little water accidents. The main thing that people were happy about was of course better performance with the new A10 Fusion Chip which make the iPhone 7 2X faster than the iPhone 6 and has the longest battery live than any other iPhone. It also as a new home button that is customizable with better response, oh and stereo front speakers! Continue reading

New 3Ds Galaxy Color

As the year end comes closer and closer we keep waiting for more news from Nintendo in the NX and I believe we will still be waiting for some time. One thing that has been shown to us is a new color for the 3Ds. The new color is the Galaxy Blue, which is basically a blue 3Ds with the front facing side showing an image of a galaxy. I really thought they were going to make different model with different hardware but I’m glad it wasn’t. What do you think of this new color?

Fan-made Fully Working Mini-NES

Raspberry Pi is a grate pc, can it be called pc? Sure it can, well we have seen many people use the raspberry pi to do some awesome projects, from calculators, to video game consoles. Now speaking about video game consoles, we all know that Nintendo will be launching the NES Classic Edition, which is a smaller version of the original NES but with only few pre-loaded games and not options for loading side Well like always there is someone out there that wants to do things better, and this someone is Daftmike who made a working NES including the ability to “use” cartridges like the old NES would. The whole thing is pretty cool, makes me want to ahead and make my own. Check it out and let us know what you think, is it worth it and better than Nintendo’s?



Sega Mega Drive

First it was Nintendo (or so I think) now it’s Sega’s turn to show us what they can do with a small version of the Sega Genesis. The smaller console Sega Mega Drive will contain 80 pre-loaded games along with 2 wireless controllers. From what I read a Chinese company named At Games have been making old school consoles for some time, and they were picked to make the Sega Mega Drive. It is said you can play Sega cartridges but I haven’t been able to verify that for sure. Another thing mentioned is the handheld version with is basically a PSP kind of Sega, with a 3.2 inch display with rechargeable battery and a slot for SD card to load more R.O.Ms. The device will start shipping to the U.K in October at a price of $65 USD, it may not be the best thing ever but for those that like collecting things like this, this is the best time to do it.


iPhone 7 Rumors

Lately there have been leaked images and rumors about the new iPhone 7, some images look very real, and by that I mean not Photoshop. Some of the images show a raised camera which would mean better camera? I have tested the iPhone 6S camera and when recording at low light is not as good as a Note 5. Other rumors I heard is a newer mod which is unlikely but at the same time it may be very well real; I’m talking about an iPhone 7S Pro, the only difference would be the larger camera which will be good to compete with Samsung devices.

The new iPhone 7 is also said to have a water detector in the charging port, which will come in handy for those that tend to wash their hands and go to their phone without drying them. It is said it will have dual speaker removing the headset jack, on that rumor I’m not so sure to believe, we have heard rumors about iPhone losing the 3.5mm headset jack and many people have opposed to that change, if it happens it will happen and nothing that we do will change that. One rumor iI do hope is true, is getting rid of the 16GB and just start with the base 32GB but still keep it cheap similar to the 16GB. All the images leaked could be fake or real, who know, but as September creeps closer by the day, more and more rumors will surface and we may find out very soon what the new iPhone 7 will really look like.