Fear The Walking Dead Recap!

I have been so far behind on this show that is hard to summarize everything in one shot. Last half season was good, it does seem that FTWD is getting a bit better and has more action-packed episodes than the main TWD show, at least that is what I have seen so far.

Looking back to my previous post I noticed I am super behind, my latest post was based on Season 2 episode 4, and in two weeks we will be seeing the 1st episode from season 4, so yes, I have too much to catch up. But to keep it short and simple, the previous seasons where good, from losing Travis, to the rest of the group splitting and ending up in different parts of Mexico and U.S.A to them all somehow ending at a place that will allow them to reunite, is incredible how easy they reunite on this show.

Last season 3 with the ranch and the Native Americans fight made it a worthwhile season, at least it was for me. In efforts to keep her family alive, Madison made some decisions that she thought were the best for her kids which resulted in a separation and possible hate from Nick towards her. From the ranch they moved to the city where Nick was first saved, but this time they found a sort of “civilized” group, that used a bull-fight arena as a sort of “black-market” to sell lots of things from food, drinks, drugs and sex. In here Daniel was reunited with the whole group after the fire at the small Hacienda.

Ofelia was saved by a group of Native Americans which lead her to reunite with Madison at the ranch and then back with Daniel at the city on which he was serving as a “body-guard” for a person in charge of the dam. II the small black-market, Victor was saved once again by Madison, which alter she may regret because he ended up betraying them and giving information to a new group of the existence of the dam, The Proctors.

I feel this new group will be big on the next season since they showed up for only a few episodes in season 3. Now the big reveal if you already didn’t know. Morgan will be the first character to cross-over from TWD to FTWD, it seems there will be some sort of time-skip, as the time period of this season we don’t know, it could be when he was lost before he met back with Rick or it could be related to what is currently happening currently in TWD. All I can say is that I’m excited for this to happen, and more because there are rumors that possibly Daryl may also cross-over to FTWD. What do you guys think? Show getting better or same as TWD?


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