IT Movie 2017 My Opinion!

So after almost a month I decided to go see the new IT Movie, I waited this long to make sure the theater was almost empty and avoid the long line and noisy crowd. Well what can I say, the movie was well made. This movie is not for the person that fell in love with the original, this movie is good for anyone that is willing to give it a chance.

The whole movie has almost the same idea of the clown, all the same characters are there, each has their store as the original, but the difference is that on this movie their background changed a bit, of course they could not make it identical as the original. The kids characters were well played, in my opinion the best character as far as the kids was Richie Tozier played by Stranger Things actor Finn Wolfhard. The clown itself was ok I guess, it was kind of creepy more than scary, but overall he did a good job as well.


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The Waking Dead Season 8 Teaser!

So, last week right before the weekend started, actually on Friday as the weekend started I was surprised to see the new Waking Dead Season 8 teaser, and I can say that I was excited to see it. As we remember last season ended right as Rick and his people were about to go into war with Negan. I know I say this a lot and I am very sorry but I have to say it again, if you have read the comic and you are up to date I’m pretty sure you know what is coming.


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The Best Horror Film Reboot is Coming – IT

Finally a movie that I had been waiting for has a really cool trailer. This movie had been announced for some time and many people were happy and concerned about a failure since this will be a reboot of an older movie, and this movie is Stephen King’s, IT. Today I was able to watch the IT trailer and all I can say is that it looks amazing. The trailer starts off with Georgie playing with his paper boat, just like the original and well the rest you have to watch. What I am glad is that the reboot, at least from the trailer, looks pretty similar to the original, I do hope the rest of the movie is the same way. Well time for the trailer.


The Walking Dead Mid-Season 7 Finale


After so many episodes that I left behind, I am just now catching up and there is so much that has happened, and well some twists I wasnt expecting. I left off since season 7 started, Negan killing Abraham and Glenn and all hell breaking lose for Alexandria. I talk about what has happened so far before the 2nd part of the season but i will try not to go too much into detail.

After Negan killed Abraham and Glenn, he told everyone what he was expecting from them, went to their community and took all their weapons and some of their food. After a small altercation due to some missing guns resulting in almost killing the inventory lady. Negan’s group then goes to the Hilltop and takes what they had promised, while they were there Maggie and Sasha are there tending Maggie due to her baby complication. Things got crazy when Maggie was about to given to the Saviors but it did not happen.

Last episode of the mid season ended when Tara and Heath tried to get some supplies, while in a bridge they got separated by walkers, Tara ended up falling down the bridge in some running water. Tara ended in a new location ran by all women. After she got helped she ventured into their camp where she almost got killed. The group captured her and questioned her, she told them she got there by accident but was not believed. In the middle of dinner they all talked and was told she would be helped to get to her group. Tara knew something was up when in the middle of the walk to the bridge she almost got killed. She ended up getting helped by a local, Tara ended up making it to the bridge safe and sound but could not find Heath anywhere, and when she gets to Alexandria she finds out he did not make it.

Mini DayZ Mobile Game!


Mini Dayz

Is about to be almost a month since the soft launch of Mini Dayz to the iOS in selected countries and so far there is no information on whether it will make it anytime soon to other countries. If you are not familiar with Mini Dayz, this is a pixelated 2D version of the Dayz video game. The Mini Dayz was first released as an in browser game and just recently around December 21st 2016 the game was finally soft launched on iOS. As mentioned earlier the game was only soft launched in certain counties, those are Canada, Philippines and Netherland, lets hope they move to other countries very soon.

The game play is similar to the actual PC game with just very few differences, one of the big differences of course is the 2D pixelated form which is obvious. Just like the PC you have to survive but is a bit harder due to day cycles being shorter than normal, and weather affected your health much more. The game still fun to play and to make things better the game is free, no need to buy the PC version and from what I have read no ads either. If you live in one of those countries go and get it, just remember is only for iOS and no word on if or when it would be available for Android.

Download Episodes from Netflix New Update

Finally you can now download your favorite shows from Netflix app to any device iOS or Android. The update was just rolled out today, so if you have a commute where you have no internet and want to watch your favorite shows from Netflix, just click the download icon and you are ready to go. The option is not available on all the shows, but I did find quite a few of them. Give it a try, download your favorite shows and enjoy.


The Flash Season 3: Paradox

Barry is back in his timeline and happy that he didn’t get to forget all his memories, but right before Reverse Flash left him, he was warned that things wouldn’t be the same and they sure weren’t. Once he walked inside and mentioned Iris it seemed like she had died and it was frown upon to mention her name like bringing bad memories, but we learned later that her and her dad were mad due to hiding her mom’s death.

 When Barry goes to the lab and see everyone there something is odd, Cisco seems angry at him, Iris and Mr West don’t talk. He tries to make jokes and be the same Barry that he has always been but gets pushed back. After some time, he later realizes that the change he made in the past has not only affected him but everyone in the world. He goes and talks to Felicity and tells her everything that happened, how he traveled in time to save his mom and living in an alternate world where he started to lose his memories so he had to come back let his mom get kill and now Cisco’s brother is dead, Iris and Joe don’t talk and now he seems to have a partner that he don’t like. Continue reading