DayZ Changing Game Engine!

Dayz Logo

Dayz has made a new announcement, this month they will be moving to a new game engine in PC and will be coming to Xbox as a preview game (early release). This game has been in development since 2013 and since it has not reached Beta. I bought this game about 2-3 years ago and enjoyed playing it for some time, but it got to the point where updates were not doing much and not making the game better that I had to stop playing it.

In recent months they have changed a lot of their visuals making it more appealing, from changing skins, rendering weather, adding better vehicle movement and other cosmetic and mechanical changes, but nothing big enough to bring more players. I remember this game was toe to toe with H1Z1, but recently with new games like Fortnite and PUGB, I have not heard much from them.

The little time I played DayZ was fun, I enjoyed what I did and what the game had to offer. I do hope that this new engine helps the game move forward to the right direction and becomes the game it was intended to be. I will be watching this closely and test it once it changes game engine, lets hope this year is the year for this game and finally makes it to Beta.

Source IGN



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