New God of War 2018

I had to save some time just for this game, I mean this game has been and will continue to be one of my favorite game of all time. Since I played GoW II for the first time i got hooked on this game and since then I have played every game including the one that many people forgot about already, the GoW Mobile game. Continue reading


Sony E3 Recap


As of right now the Internet is bombarded with Tweets, FB Post, Instagram pictures and many many more ways of communication via social media related to Sony’s E3 game reveals. Well maybe not that crazy but I’m sure many people are going crazy with the new games announced just now. As of maybe 30 minutes ago, Sony had their pre-E3 game reveal and many titles that I was hoping for will be coming soon. Continue reading

New Project Scorpio Teaser

With E3 coming around the corner many game developers and console makers are getting ready to show us what is coming for us all. From Sony, Nintendo and Microsoft we have many games that we are waiting for. Microsoft has been keeping from us details on the new Project Scorpio, which many of you already know is the biggest competition to Sony PS4, well it may be because is not out yet. Recently some videos were released to tease us on what is to expect from them. Some people believe that on E3 they will let us know when is the release date for the new Xbox but who knows, all we can do is tune in June 11th at 10PM to see what they have to tell us.


4K Gaming Coming Soon- Project Scorpio Briefing

Finally, the day is coming, and we finally are going to get the information that we been waiting for, well at least all the Xbox fans. It has been announced that in June 11 at 2:00 PM PDT, Microsoft will announce the full details of the Project Scorpio. This console gave us something to talk about, because it is said to be much better than PS4, and have actual 4K gaming, and with all the specs that they said it was going to have, well is something many of us want to see if it will be true. I have been playing both systems PS4 and Xbox One, and as long as I can play my favorite games I really don’t have a favorite, but if Project Scorpio does do 4K gaming and I can tell the difference then I may end up getting one. What do you guys think?


E3 Recap


E3 came and left us with some really cool games to expect for, new game updates, what to expect from the gaming industry and some other stuff. There were too many games and news to keep up for me alone, I did what I could but I touched base with the most important games, or the ones I liked the most, even though I missed a few of them. A few games that stand out the most were of course Pokémon Go and the main one The Legend of Zelda, which was one of the main games people wanted to see and play this E3 2016. What many people really wanted to see was the new NX and news of the PS4 Neo, but neither was announced. Continue reading

New Project Scorpio from Microsoft!

Many of you may have read articles on which they compare PS4 and Xbox One, people liking more the PS4 due to better graphics and more power, I think in number the PS4 is better but as actual gameplay I leave that to personal opinions. I have played both systems and there are pros and cons on both systems, but as far as graphics I like Xbox One on some games only. We heard how PS4 was working on a PS4 Neo, and Xbox One on a newer and slimmer console with more power. On the E3 Microsoft conference we saw how Xbox is making the Xbox One S, which has 4K video playing not gaming, 40% smaller and up to 2TB storage, the size itself will be great compared to the huge size it has now.

Well that was not the only news they had, they showed us they are working on a new console for next year, a so called Project Scorpio. This new console is said to be much better than the new PS4 and PS4 Neo, it will have 8CPU cores, 4K gaming running at 60Hz, 320GB/s of memory bandwidth and 6 teraflops for computing! The project looks ambitious, but it could be worth it, having a console that can compete with desktops will be great, having similar or better graphics on a console is something many gamer have been wanting, is not going to replace my PC but it will be worth having. Since now we know a few of the specs of the new system, I wonder how much will that cost? Good thing is that all existing games from Xbox One and accessories will work with Project Scorpio.  We will have to stay tuned for more news from Microsoft and see what else they have to say about Project Scorpio.


My thoughts on RE VII Demo


So last night I was able to finally dedicate some time to play the new Resident Evil VII Demo and well to be honest I wasn’t that surprised. The demo started off with some video recording in a house which looks like the people were being tortured, right then I knew it was not an RE game, but gave it a few more minutes, maybe just maybe the game play would change, since this is the intro it may be getting me ready for zombies. I continued playing just a normal game; it was a bit creepy I can say that, you are inside a house and you must escape, the house inside is abandoned dirty, with some signs of dead animals and people, blood and noises that will scare you in occasions.

I won’t say much for those that haven’t played it, but the was not what I expected from a Resident Evil game, I know is only a demo but I was expecting a bit more. The demo is really short, well is as short as you want to make it, you can spend 30 minutes exploring but there is not much to see, I did see someone online solving the puzzle, but I wasn’t able to do so, I may need to spend more time playing it. Overall the graphics were ok, I’m sure since this is a demo and was only about 3GB large then it wasn’t going to pack a lot of good things in it. But the actual gameplay felt more of a mix of Resident Evil 4 and Texas Chainsaw Massacre; you will see what I’m talking about when you play it. For those that already played it, what do you think?