New Mythical Pokemon For Ultra Sun/Moon

For the part of the year that has passed, Pokemon Ultra players have received their own batch of Legendary Pokemon, most if not all have been the same that previously Sun/Moon Players received as well. Well the new coming Mythical Pokemon is only Available on Ultra games. This new Pokemon is, Zeraora, an electric Pokemon. As of right now there are no details on how this will be obtained but I think it looks pretty cool.


Don’t Starve Nintendo Switch Edition Coming Soon!!

In the recent months we have seen a lot of Indie games and other major titles porting over to the Switch, making their game library grow little by little. I have looked at their current roster and for my taste there are very few games that I would like to get. Currently the games I have are Breath of The Wild, Mario Kart 8, The Escapist 2 and Splatoon 2.

Now there is a game that will be coming soon, as soon as April 12th. This game is a survival game that has been out for some time in other platforms. I have played this game in PC, iOS and Vita, I enjoy the game so much that I may end up getting it for the Switch. The game I am talking about is Don’t Starve yes, this game is finally making a port to the Switch. The game will come with the 2 expansions “Reign of Giants” and “Shipwrecked”.

For those that don’t know what this game is about, is basically a survival game where you the main character must survive while defending itself from monsters and other NPC’s. Sounds simple enough but you must actually play it to see if it is as easy as it sounds.

Source – Engadget

DayZ Changing Game Engine!

Dayz Logo

Dayz has made a new announcement, this month they will be moving to a new game engine in PC and will be coming to Xbox as a preview game (early release). This game has been in development since 2013 and since it has not reached Beta. I bought this game about 2-3 years ago and enjoyed playing it for some time, but it got to the point where updates were not doing much and not making the game better that I had to stop playing it.

In recent months they have changed a lot of their visuals making it more appealing, from changing skins, rendering weather, adding better vehicle movement and other cosmetic and mechanical changes, but nothing big enough to bring more players. I remember this game was toe to toe with H1Z1, but recently with new games like Fortnite and PUGB, I have not heard much from them.

The little time I played DayZ was fun, I enjoyed what I did and what the game had to offer. I do hope that this new engine helps the game move forward to the right direction and becomes the game it was intended to be. I will be watching this closely and test it once it changes game engine, lets hope this year is the year for this game and finally makes it to Beta.

Source IGN


Pokemon Go 8-Bit 4K Graphics in Pokedex

For those that still play the Pokémon Go, we have seen several cool updates, we haven’t seen the trading or the battle each other as they had promised from this game but I believe the game may get better, I hope is sooner than later. During the weekend Niantics did a small tweak to our PokeDex, something that many of us would love and many would hate. The Pokedex was updated to show 8-bit art from each Pokémon.  Now this is not the old 8-bit images we remember, these are created to show 4K definition, so the quality is awesome! This does not only change the Pokedex but also the nearby Pokémon that we see in the bottom right side of the screen. What do you think of this update? Do you love it or hate it?  I personally like it, remind me of my first Pokémon game ever played, which for me was Pokémon Silver in the original Game Boy, what about you?

Source: Pokemon GO

Pokemon Switch Leaked Image?

In the past few days I have seen several rumors about the upcoming Pokémon for Switch, and we all know that some of those rumors turn out to be true. I remember the Sun/Moon rumors as far as started Pokémon and they all came out to be true. But then there are those that are nothing but fake, which in some cases I am glad it is fake and not true.

In the case of the new Pokémon for Switch, the “leaked” image that was released recently has caused some people to hope it is fake. Many believe this is only a fake image with images from the past 2 games Sun/Moon and Ultra Sun/Moon. The image that I saw seems a bit blurry and it still looks very similar to the 3Ds games. What I expect is for the game to change a lot, but I know that may not happen because possibly they want to keep the game close to the original as possibly, I could be wrong but we will see. I tried to get you a nice image to see but I was not able to locate it, so I will leave you here the YouTube video from NGameTheCube that I first saw the image on. Let me know what you think of it.

New Mega Stones and Shiny Tapu Koko

If you have been catching up with Mega Stones for Sun and Moon, and like to have more to your collection, let me give you some good news. Three more stones are now available as of yesterday July 21st. These Mega Stones are for Tyranitar, Abomasnow, Manectric and Agrron. In order to obtain these Mega Stones you will need to enter the Mystery Code: SABLEVOLANT then follow the normal process, head to the near Pokestop/Store and claim it from the guy.

If you missed June’s Mega Stones then Continue reading

Legendary Pokemon as Arrived to Pokemon Go!

UPDATE: So it seems like legendary Pokémon won't be that easy to spawn. I forgot to mention that some Challenges have to be completed in order to help those awesome bird to spawn. We all people at the event and the rest of us that couldn't go have to work together to catch as many Pokémon as possible to allow them legendary Pokémon to appear. There is no specific amount on how many Pokémon we have to catch, but once they spawn at Chicago Event, them they will start spawning elsewhere, so stop reading and get to cath'm all!

On July 20th, so 2 days ago, Pokémon Go had a new announcement, Legendary Pokémon are coming to Pokémon Go. These legendary Pokémon will spawn in July 22 so that is TODAY! The Pokemon that we will be able to see are the 3 Legendary birds from Kanto Region, Articuno, Moltress and Zapdos. But they are not the only ones, as we know we have 2nd Generation Pokemon in the game so besides those 3 birds we will also have Lugia and Ho-Oh.

These legendary Pokemon will be available at Raids, so I am assuming they will be the Tier 5 raids. Just as shown in the first preview when people fought Mewtwo, once the raid is over and the Pokemon is defeated, everyone will have a chance to capture the Pokemon. One thing you will not be able to do with your Legendary Pokemon is leave it at a Gym as those Pokemon will have to stay with its trainer.

If you watch the full video above you will see some cool details, I wish the game was VR like the way the video shows it. The video is 2:39 minutes long, it shows how the people fight in Gyms and how they feed treats to their Pokemon guarding gyms to continue winning. Then we see a raid alert and we see the 5 birds. Once the fights starts you will have a timer as other raids so better be quick. At the end of the video we see Pikachu beating Lugia and everyone gets the message that it has been captured. Then the camera zooms out over earth and we see….Mewtwo!