Attack on Titan Season 2 Ep. 1


I was wondering how to start this blog, words could not make sense in my mind on how to start it so I just stared typing, and here I am. Attack on Titan Season 1 was good, it seemed more like an introduction to the whole mystery of the Titans and the struggle for humanity. Their mystery got more complex with the appearance of the new Titans and humans inside them, that was a big blow on humans knowing that their own people were killing them. Continue reading

Dragon Ball Super Catching up!

If you have not been watching Dragon Ball Super let me tell you that since Black Goku and Samasu you really haven’t miss much. There was a short exposition battle between Universe 7 which is Goku’s universe versus universe 9 which was told to be one one the weakest ones along with 7. The fights that took place were kind of interesting we saw Buu, Gohan and Goku fight, this lasted for about I believe 3 or 4 episodes, but then again it was just a quick show for the God of  All to see.

Since that small show Goku has been back on earth trying to recruit people to join his team, this really has waisted so much good fighting time. He went to get Krillin, Android 18 and now Android 17. In the process of looking for people to join his team he wento Dende to help him find android 17, and they threw a short hint that Uub may be coming back. Dende mentioned to Goku that a little boy with extraordinary power was in earth a resurrection from Buu, from here I think they will dedicate a whole season just for him.  All these episodes with stuff that is not fully related to what is going on are just fillers so they can prolonged the show but some of them have been super boring specially today episode. Continue reading

Attack on Titan Season 1 Recap

Attack on Titan Season 1

After spending almost 2 weeks trying to re-watch Attack on Titan I finally was able to finish all the 1st Season and I have to say there were thing I forgot about it and I’m glad I re-watched it. I have read somewhat of the manga, mainly because I was told it has more information that the anime and well I think that is normal for any anime that started as a manga.

Well season 1 was good, I wished more action was added in the first few episodes instead of spending time showing up their training but hey every anime needs it filler episodes. So humans live basically as Eren said, caged. They have survived for 100 years without any issues from Titans. Titans are huge deformed people that kill humans. They had not been able to cross into the walls encircling the big city until a colossal Titan showed up and broke the 1st wall. From there on humans really started to fight for their survival and defeat titans. Continue reading

Attack on Titan Season 2 Coming Soon!

By now I am sure many people have read or seen Attack on Titan, if not let me give you a bit of information about it. Among anime and manga, I like, I have Attack On Titan, this anime is about a city that is actually attacked by Titans or giant people. These Titans vary from size and shapes, some are smaller than others but they all have one thing in common, they like to eat humans. A group or people have survived in a city surrounded by walls that protect them from the Titans, until one bigger and stronger than the others showed up and destroyed the wall, allowing other Titans to enter the city and kill many people. The rest I’ll leave it to you to watch on your own. Well for those that already know, Funimation has confirmed a Season 2 coming to us in April 1st. This will be brought to us by Kodansha the manga publisher of Fairy Tail, and 7 Deadly Sins among others.As of now I am not sure who will be transmitting the show, it could be Hulu, Netflix, Crunchy Roll all I know is that this season I’ll be as good as the first one. SO if you are like me, one of those people that like a show but starts watching it with they are 6 seasons in, don’t waste time and watch the first season, it is on Hulu and Netflix with 25 episodes.


New from Amazon, Anime Service for $5 a month

For all the anime lovers here is another option to satisfy your anime crave. Amazon is launching their own Anime service for only $5 a month for all Amazon Prime subscribers. This is yet another option from the too many already out there, many of us use free sites or paid sites. Since it just launched there not much we can say yet about it, it is said they will contain newest anime available. Check it out and let us know what you think.


Dragon Ball Super Eps. 61-63: The Fusion


Last episode ended with Black Goku revealing to Goku his true identity. Before fighting Goku tells Black and Zamasu that he knows how Black was created and Zamasu real power, but right before they start fighting, Black tells Goku how he happened to be who he is now. Zamasu tells them he is half right, he did use the Super Dragon Balls but he used them not to make a clone of Goku but to wish himself immortal. Once the wish was granted he traveled to the future and talked to his future self, explained his plan and he agreed to help him. Black then tells Goku his part, he is Zaamsu from the future, once approached by Immortal Zamasu they travel in time to re-use the Super Dragon Ball and wish for his body to be switched with Goku’s body.

Black then explained that after the switch he appeared to them and killed Goku, Goten and Chichi. Goku became angry to hear this and fought Black but ended up losing one more time. Trunks and Vegeta then join the fight but as it happened before, once again they are overpowered. Zamasu then confronts Trunks and tells him that he is who he is because of Trunks, all the time travel he did back in the android time caused a shift in balance in time that angered him. Zamasu accuses Trunks that all this earth destruction is because of his decision to time travel. He blames Trunks for all the destruction, this enrages Trunks and turns into Super Saiyan with blue energy even though he still Super Saiyan 2. Trunks starts fighting Black to the point of almost beating him but of course he lost. While fighting Trunks tells Vegeta to leave to the past and come up with a plan, Vegeta sees no other solution, he takes Goku and Vegeta and leave. Continue reading

Black Goku’s real Identity! Eps 57-60



Last episode ended on Zamasu appearing right before Black killed Goku. Goku wants to fight Zamasu thinking is the same Zamasu from his time and he will win not knowing is not. They both start fighting but in the middle of the fight Black joins and now is a 2 on 1 fight. Trunks gets in between them and helps Goku by attacking Black, but as a surprise Black overpowers them using the Kamehameha. With no other option and overpowered right as Black and Zamasu are about to kill them 3 of them, Yajirobe rescues Goku and Trunks, leaving Vegeta behind but Mai and the resistance army save him. The 3 of them escape to the past to think on a way to defeat them all and find out who this Black Goku is.

Back in their timeline, the 3 go into recovery after their injuries, Beerus and Whis arrive and find out what happened to them in the future, with Beerus still not liking time travel because it affects the whole timeline. Goku, Beerus and Whis decide to go and investigate what is of their current Zamasu, they all travel to the Kaio planet and talk to Gowasu. Whie believes Zamasu became angry after losing to Goku and used the Super Dragon Ball to wish a Goku clone. At the same time Zamasu went to visit the know-it-all and ask about the Super Dragon Ball in order to achieve his goal. When talking to Gowasu, they ask where Zamasu is not knowing his plan is starting to head his way. Gowasu tells them he started to hate the human race but eventually came to reason, not knowing that he was building his hate using excuses to kill the human race. While they are talking Zamasu appears not knowing what is going on.

Continue reading