Don’t Starve Nintendo Switch Edition Coming Soon!!

In the recent months we have seen a lot of Indie games and other major titles porting over to the Switch, making their game library grow little by little. I have looked at their current roster and for my taste there are very few games that I would like to get. Currently the games I have are Breath of The Wild, Mario Kart 8, The Escapist 2 and Splatoon 2.

Now there is a game that will be coming soon, as soon as April 12th. This game is a survival game that has been out for some time in other platforms. I have played this game in PC, iOS and Vita, I enjoy the game so much that I may end up getting it for the Switch. The game I am talking about is Don’t Starve yes, this game is finally making a port to the Switch. The game will come with the 2 expansions “Reign of Giants” and “Shipwrecked”.

For those that don’t know what this game is about, is basically a survival game where you the main character must survive while defending itself from monsters and other NPC’s. Sounds simple enough but you must actually play it to see if it is as easy as it sounds.

Source – Engadget


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