The Division: Last Stand Reveal!

UPDATE: The new 1.6 will add as well a new incursion, no more details were given about location. And the DZ will now be expanded to DZ 7-9. Does this means all Central Park will be added? 

Last night I was shown a sneak video of what Last Stand will be about, as it is just a sneak peek there is not much to see. The video is just 44 seconds long, as mentioned it does not give out much, and it is to be expected it is a sneak peek after all. What we saw from the video is a group of agents walking by the city, some passing by a place where people are hanging, all of them meet at a random place where lots of bodies lay down in plastic bags. At the end of the video we see about 8 agents, they all raise their weapons like aiming at someone, but we cannot see who they aimed at.

It was said previously from other You Tubers that after some data mining they find out that the game will be similar to the H1Z1 King of the Hill, where score will be kept from the top player. It was also mentioned that the game would be kind of like a base control game, one group will control a location and another will try to take it over, all of this is what was found in the code, for all we know we could be wrong. If you saw the video we are told to join them for a Last Stand Reveal today January 19, 2017 at 10:00 am CT, 11:00 am ET here.



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