Sony E3 Recap


As of right now the Internet is bombarded with Tweets, FB Post, Instagram pictures and many many more ways of communication via social media related to Sony’s E3 game reveals. Well maybe not that crazy but I’m sure many people are going crazy with the new games announced just now. As of maybe 30 minutes ago, Sony had their pre-E3 game reveal and many titles that I was hoping for will be coming soon. Continue reading

Alert Game Stop Credit Card Users!!

I know these are not actual gaming news but I think is good to share this kind of information in case someone that reads this may have been affected. As many of you know retailers have been a target of hackers and stealing customer’s information, we can say that no one is 100% safe from this. Recently GameStop announced that their customer’s information may have been stolen for those that wanted to place an online order on their website from August 1, 2016 and February 9th, 2017. If you are one of the users that attempted to order something only from GameStop please check your accounts, emails from GameStop have been sent out for those that may have been affected, but as mentioned, just in case some people don’t read emails then I hope this helps.


New Pokemon Go Events Coming Soon!

Is about to be a year since Pokémon Go launched, remember how it was said in that one E3 last year that the game was going to be launch in a week, everyone went nuts knowing the game they had been waiting for so long it was about to be launched. Several days later the game was launched in specific locations first, then it spread to everyone else. I remember when we first saw the launch video, trading, capturing Pokémon in the wild, battles, gyms and all that stuff, only to be received by an app that felt half way made. Well as time has passed we have seen new updates come to the game, new Pokémon from Gen 2, and more recently new events that give players more XP, candy and ability to capture specific kind of Pokémon on an specific date for a short period of time.

Well now we have heard that Pokémon Go since is closing to the year mark, will be having more special events, a couple of them Real-Live Events. Starting next week, we will be having what is called the Solstice Event, which will run next June the 13th, this even will allow you to capture more Fire and Ice Pokémon along with XP Bonus and discounted Lucky Eggs. As for the Real-Live Event, this will kick off on July 22nd, the Pokémon Go Fest Chicago will take place in…. Chicago. The tickets will go on sale June 19th, no pricing has been made available and no actual information on what is going to happen at the event. Other Real-Live events are planned to happen in Europe between July and September while in Japan will get an event called “Pikachu Outbreak” I am guessing by the name there will be a Pikachu heaven! I hope that with these new events they give us news soon about what is to be of the game, new Gym features, trades, and raids.


New Project Scorpio Teaser

With E3 coming around the corner many game developers and console makers are getting ready to show us what is coming for us all. From Sony, Nintendo and Microsoft we have many games that we are waiting for. Microsoft has been keeping from us details on the new Project Scorpio, which many of you already know is the biggest competition to Sony PS4, well it may be because is not out yet. Recently some videos were released to tease us on what is to expect from them. Some people believe that on E3 they will let us know when is the release date for the new Xbox but who knows, all we can do is tune in June 11th at 10PM to see what they have to tell us.


PS Plus June Free Games

Tuesday came and with it PS Plus left us with 6 new games to add to our collection. This month PS Plus users are going to be able to get the following games: Killing Floor 2 and Life is Strange for PS4, thanks to the cross-buy with PS Vita and PS4 you can also enjoy Neon Chrome and Spy Chameleon for Vita and PS4, so that means 4 games for PS4 owners. For PS3 owners you will be able to get WRC 5: World Rally Championship and Abyss Odyssey. Don’t waste time because these games will only be available until July 3rd.


New Pokemon Game? Pokemon Ultra Sun and Moon?

This morning I woke up with some news that honestly made me believe that it was April’s Fool day. Then I looked more into and find out that it was not a joke, there will indeed be a new Pokémon Sun and Moon game coming to 3Ds in November 17th 2017. What is the new title? Well as you know Pokémon always has some really cool original titles for their remakes, Pokémon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon. From the little information, out there all we know is that the game will have some new Pokémon and a new story line. This makes me remember a lot Pokémon Platinum, which was basically a re-made game from Diamond and Pearl, with a new story as well. What do you guys think of this new re-make of Sun and Moon? Should they be doing this or focus on a Switch Version? I’m not sure about this re-make, I wish they make a Switch version with some new generation graphics, I know some people may not like this due to the nostalgia on the older versions. For now all we can do is hope this is a joke and that is a cover up name for the Switch Version.