Coming back to blogging!

It feels so good to be back again blogging, it has been a while since my last post due to increase of work at my full-time job, but I plan on coming back and continue posting as much as possible. Last year 2017 was big for me as part of my career, but this new opportunity took me off the blogging scene for most of the year. I did try to create at least one or 2 blogs a week, but I failed. As of last month, I started to slow down in my career, so I will be having more time to start blogging again. With all that said, let’s get started and hope everyone enjoys my blogs!


Week Off


I’m back from a long week of vacation, I left some blogs to post while I was out, but due to the time it took me to prepare luggage and reservations and stuff, I wasn’t able to leave much for the whole week. I know I have so much to catch up to and will do my best to update the page with recent news, I am also contemplating adding information to where I went but that will be later if i decide to do it. For the meantime I will start looking into what I miss and get us up to date. Feels good to be back!

Disney Star Wars Experience

I was checking Engadget site to read about the possibly new Galaxy pone and stumbled upon other more interesting news that I had wanted to talk but for some reason I forgot. And this is about Star Wars Experience Theme Park in Disneyland. I know these images are just concept, but this has already started construction and may take some years to build but the idea to have a Star Wars Theme Park is really cool. From the article I read they state that we could have “complete control” of the Millennium Falcon, now complete control sound like too much, I’m sure it will be some 3D game or some virtual reality game, the issue is, how many people can ride it at once? Maybe have a crew, some pilot and some crew members to use the guns? Yup I can see my Han Solo, Luke, Chewbacca and C3P0 crew already.

This Star Wars Experience will be great, I can already see the lines to go visit this park, I know not everyone is a Star Wars fan, but I can see new people starting to like it now that Disney is in charge of the movies, I may be wrong but I’m sure this park will be great. I can just see what all is going to be included, or what I want in it, not sure how much from the previous movies will be included, but one of every movies should be there. Imagine pod racing, destroying the Death Star, fighting in Jakku, yes I’m already excited and can’t wait for this, I have many friends that are excited as I’m and I hope there are many more out there getting ready for this.


Twilight Princess Manga

For many of us that like to read manga, well The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess has started a weekly publishing just yesterday Feb 8th. This manga will be available in Japan exclusively for publisher Shogakukan using the MangaOne app, not word on how long the manga will last but is will be good if the redo the original mangas based in Link to the Past and Majora’s  Mask and release them all over the world, I’m sure there are many fans everywhere that would like to get their hands on these mangas.




Lego Star Wars The Force Awakens

It has been almost 2 months since The Force Awakens was released and well it still a must see at the movies. The movie was really good, a great start for a new saga and new characters, and of course like always gamers like us wait patiently on the video game. It was been announced by TT and Warner Bros Interactive Entertainment with a teaser video that Star Wars The Force Awakens will be releasing their Lego video game in June 28th, 2016. Check the video below, it is basically a teaser trailer mocking the Star Wars The Force Awakens original trailer, of course Lego style. As of now the only information gathered is that the game will have playable characters like Han Solo, Kylo Ren,  BB-8 and other main characters. The game will be released for all consoles including PC. It is said there will be special content that will close the gap between episode VI and VII, I think it will be related to Jakku and other battles that took place in order to get to episode VII.





New Pikachu Game

Featured Image -- 477

In recent news along with the 20th Pokemon Anniversary coming up it was announced in Japan that a new 3Ds game from the Pokemon Company will be released in February 3rd, and which game is this? Well the translation from the title comes to be in English as “Great Detective Pikachu”, the title may change if released in North America, and yes detective Pikachu you read it right, Pikachu will be a detective on this new game. From what I read in The Verge article, the game will focus on solving cases as Pikachu, yes Pikachu, they also stated that Pikachu will be able to talk, yup you read it right Pikachu will be able to talk, I’m not sure how I feel about Pikachu talking, I mean so many years hearing him say pika all the time. There is a video but is no in English, as stated, the game will be released in Japan on February 3rd for the 3Ds as a digital download, if it does come to the USA or North America, I will have to see reviews first, or some game play because im not so sure about this game, hey it may be cool but I don’t know just yet.


Assassin’s Creed Movie!



I been hearing rumors about an Assassins Creed movie, which at first I was kind of curious, I wondered how would they make a movie like that, I mean not how but the plot since there are a total of 20 games, the main games and some spin-offs. When I first played the 1st game i enjoyed it, it had it flaws but it was overall a cool game, I enjoyed the whole mystery and magic involved in the medieval times mixed with super powers and all that makes assassin’s creed the cool game it is.

But then it started getting confusing, the whole plot changed and it became religious, at least it did on part 3, or it felt religious to me speaking about him destroying the orb and the future of mankind. I’m not sure if maybe I didn’t pay attention to some of the games but it seem to me that the same person had bloodlines with every single main character in the game, was it the same game trying to unlock the memories or was a new person in each different game?

Anyways, an Assassins Creed movie can be good if they focus in one story, the American Revolution with George Washington to me was one of the best, maybe because the mechanic of the games was a way better improvement form the 1st one and because some of the myths we have in America were added to it kind of explaining in a joking matter how the myth started, like big foot. There is only one image so far of the movie, showing 2 assassins, which makes me think it may be focus on Brotherhood, due to having more than one assassin, who knows, let’s wait until the movie or more information is out and see when we get more updates on this movie.