Pokemon Switch Leaked Image?

In the past few days I have seen several rumors about the upcoming Pokémon for Switch, and we all know that some of those rumors turn out to be true. I remember the Sun/Moon rumors as far as started Pokémon and they all came out to be true. But then there are those that are nothing but fake, which in some cases I am glad it is fake and not true.

In the case of the new Pokémon for Switch, the “leaked” image that was released recently has caused some people to hope it is fake. Many believe this is only a fake image with images from the past 2 games Sun/Moon and Ultra Sun/Moon. The image that I saw seems a bit blurry and it still looks very similar to the 3Ds games. What I expect is for the game to change a lot, but I know that may not happen because possibly they want to keep the game close to the original as possibly, I could be wrong but we will see. I tried to get you a nice image to see but I was not able to locate it, so I will leave you here the YouTube video from NGameTheCube that I first saw the image on. Let me know what you think of it.


New SNES Classic Edition

If you have not heard let me tell you that Nintendo has done it again. Remember the Nintendo Classic? Well they will now be releasing the Super Nintendo Classic Edition. Unlike the predecessor this console will not have 30 games but 21. The games will include Super Metroid, Super Mario World, and the Legend of Zelda A Link to The Past, which all those 3 you should now have on your 3Ds. The console will be out on sale on September 29th for $79.99. This makes me think and hope that the next console may be N64! Check here for the full list of games.

The New Nintendo 2Ds…..XL!

It has been announced a new resigned Nintendo 2Ds and this one looks cool. The main difference is that is no longer a “candy-car” style, or whatever you call it. This time is a flip one like the 3Ds with an XL screen. This new 2Ds is basically the same as a 3DS with no 3D feature, it has the mini-joy stick and ability to read amiibos. The new design does make it look cool, I personally like it and even better with a low price of $149.99, that means the old style 2Ds is now $79.99. Just like the previous form you will able to play 3Ds cartridges and Old Nintendo Ds games.This new device will be out for sale in North America July 28th, Japan on July 13th, in Europe on July 2017 no specific date yet and in Australia in June 15 2017. If you haven’t seen it please check it out, you may even get a new 2Ds!


Nintendo Switch event information!

The big day is gone now, Nintendo Switch was announced and it left me wishing for more, I felt like it lacked something. The announcement was about an hour long, during the which they talked mainly about software and a few hardware parts. Some of the hardware we already knew, like the dock, the now called “Joy-Con” which are the small controllers, but they also mentioned some new items like the “joy-con strap” which are small adapters for the joy-con, as the name says it they have straps to hold the controller just like the Wii remotes and has 2 buttons added the SL/SR buttons. Continue reading

Leaked Pokemon Game for the Switch

This happens all the time, there is always someone that has to “mess” things up, in this case I say “mess” because they may have mess thing internally but not for us. What do I mean? Well “accidentally” GameStop announced on their website (which now has been removed) that the Nintendo Switch will have a Pokémon title, this now confirms the rumors about Pokémon Stars. If you did not know about these rumors well guess is good you are reading this. Continue reading

Nintendo New York Event

For all the Nintendo fans including myself, Nintendo will have the 1st Nintendo Switch event of the year on January 12th 2017. The event will be streamed for all of us to see, during this presentation they will reveal the final price and final release date, since it was finally announced it was just said March 2017, But I think it will be between March 24th to the 31st. That is a weird date to release it, since the 1st quarter ends in March, but who knows maybe they have a strategy, anyways back to the important subject.

While the debut will be held in Tokyo, Japan, in New York the day after which is January 13th 2017 will have a 5-hour hands-on event. Not sure if the event will be open to the public by buying tickets or if it will be a closed event just for the press, but I know this place will be packed. Assuming the event, I’m sure they few games that people will be able to play will be Legend of Zelda, a Mario game and possibly a Splatoon for the Switch. I hope during this even they release more information on future games or the games that will be available at launch. For now, that is all that has been announced, no specific location for the New York event, so let’s stay tuned for new information to come out before the end of the year.


New Nintendo 3Ds Black Friday Sale

Are you ready for Black Friday? Is just 3 weeks away, actually 2 and a half. If you don’t know what to get and you are a gamer, well here is one option. Nintendo will have the New Nintendo 3Ds XL for $99.99, yes only $100 bucks! The special edition comes in black and white with Mario drawings around it, if you ask me this is a great deal, so don’t wait make that line, there is no telling how many will be available at stores.