New Pokemon Go Events Coming Soon!

Is about to be a year since Pokémon Go launched, remember how it was said in that one E3 last year that the game was going to be launch in a week, everyone went nuts knowing the game they had been waiting for so long it was about to be launched. Several days later the game was launched in specific locations first, then it spread to everyone else. I remember when we first saw the launch video, trading, capturing Pokémon in the wild, battles, gyms and all that stuff, only to be received by an app that felt half way made. Well as time has passed we have seen new updates come to the game, new Pokémon from Gen 2, and more recently new events that give players more XP, candy and ability to capture specific kind of Pokémon on an specific date for a short period of time.

Well now we have heard that Pokémon Go since is closing to the year mark, will be having more special events, a couple of them Real-Live Events. Starting next week, we will be having what is called the Solstice Event, which will run next June the 13th, this even will allow you to capture more Fire and Ice Pokémon along with XP Bonus and discounted Lucky Eggs. As for the Real-Live Event, this will kick off on July 22nd, the Pokémon Go Fest Chicago will take place in…. Chicago. The tickets will go on sale June 19th, no pricing has been made available and no actual information on what is going to happen at the event. Other Real-Live events are planned to happen in Europe between July and September while in Japan will get an event called “Pikachu Outbreak” I am guessing by the name there will be a Pikachu heaven! I hope that with these new events they give us news soon about what is to be of the game, new Gym features, trades, and raids.


Pokemon Go – Legendary Pokemon

Pokemon Go Legendary – GameSpot

Many Pokemon Go players have been waiting since launch day to get their hands in awesome Pokemon. We have spent hours walking around, others “flying” and others cheating doing all possible to get their hands on every single Pokemon out in the wild. We wanted more rare Pokemon, the first one we got that made many of us happy was Ditto! We have been waiting for more and more rare Pokemon, to be exact Legendary Pokemon. Recently at the 21st Webby Award, we were given a hint, or what we think it may be a hint for Legendary Pokemon. The marketing product lead Bhargava said “This Summer will be Legendary”, this is what made many y people think we are weeks away from seeing Lengedary Pokemon spawn near us.

What do you think of this? It was not a statement it was a simple sentence said that has made people think it will be happening soon. We have been waiting since we saw the first Articuno, which was taken away pretty soon. I do hope this happens soon, we have waited long enough and this summer is the time to Catch’em All!!


Rock and Fossil Type Pokemon Go Event

Hello Pokemon Go Trainers, Niantics has a new Pokemon Go event that will start on May 18th and will run until May 25th. This event will consist on capturing Rock Pokemon and the Fossil kinds as well. So if you need some Omanyte, Kabuto, Aerodactyl, Onix and other rock type Pokemon, this event is what you were waiting for. But that is not all, Pokestops will provide extra items as well as the buddy Pokemon will require less steps in order to obtain more candy.


New Age of Empires Mobile Game

2017-04-06 08_46_25-Age of Empires_ Castle Siege - Android Apps on Google Play

Do you remember playing any of the Age of Empires game back in the day? I remember my first AoE game I played was part 2, which to be honest I believe it was the best of them all, yes part 3 had more DLCs and several other features that part 2 didn’t, but since that was my first AoE game I have to say it was the best. Well as you may know an older AoE was made available for mobile devices and well that game was not the best, it came out way too early in the days and well technology for mobile games was not the best then.

Just recently a new version of AoE was released for iOS, Windows Phone and Android, this new game as expected has really nice graphics, and a really cool gameplay, well kind of. If you are familiar with Clash of Clans then you will be able to play this game. Many CoC clones have come out recently all of them trying to get some of the gamers that CoC has. The problem is that many of those games are not well made and lack the same main features that the original one has.

I really can’t speak for this game just yet since I have not played it myself. I have seen videos and read a few reviews, you cannot judge a game by reading reviews the best thing that you can do is play it. The only issue I have is that is just another clone, I wish it was a water down version of the original PC version, just like Yu-gi-oh Duel Links did. But I’m sure Microsoft knows what it’s doing and this is part of their plan, so if you like to give it a try check it out on your device app store, but be ready to spend in the in-app purchases ranging from $0.99 up to $69.99.


Han Solo Film: Not His Real Name?

There are some news regarding the future film from our Star Wars character “Han Solo”.I am happy that Disney bought the Star War right to continue making movies, but adding new twists that maybe George Lucas never intended to do, is for me really cool, but for other fans not so good if they like their character’s old story. I’m not sure how many people want to learn the backstory of old characters, in this case Han Solo which we were just informed Han Solo may not be his real name, and the new film will let us know how he got that nickname. What do you think about this? Is it something that is necessary to know? Lets hope this film turns out good, we still have time since the release date is schedule for release on May 25th 2018!


A New Shiny Pokemon Has Appeared!

It seems like a shiny Pokemon has been spotted in the wild and captured, at least this is the assumption given by the short video shown. The video shows a person with a shiny Magikarp with CP 40, pretty low since I’ve seen stronger ones but hey is a shiny Pokemon. Now is time for that player to capture a lot of Magikarp or use it as a buddy and walk a lot of Km.


New Bravely Default Game Coming Soon!

If you are a fan of the Bravely Default games then let me tell you that a new mobile game is coming to us, Bravely Default: Fairy’s Effect. The game was announced since last year around November, with a release date for Japan this year. The 2 games Bravely Default and Bravely Second were good, I liked the new features added on the 2nd game, been able to challenge other enemies after beating the first one and making a chain to add multipliers and gain more character XP, money and job XP, this allowed us to level up faster. The moon village working the same as the first game, unlocking locations to buy new weapons or receive free items was good as well.

There is not much information as far as I know about the new mobile game, there is however a video showcasing some cool art and a brief mobile game play. What I really liked form these games was their art. If you watch the video you will see what I am talking about, maybe all you care is the gameplay, but whatever your taste is, I’m sure you will like this game. The game will be out for both iOS and Android in 2017.