Dragon Ball Super Catching up (Again)


Have you been watching each week Dragon Ball Super? If you have then let me tell you that you are a champ, not everyone continues to watch DG Super, well at least not everyone that I know of. The anime has taken some turns that is making a good show to watch, but it also has had some “sagas” that man I wish they had never done that, but I get it, they do this only to try and catch up in the manga or to create more content for the anime that is more relevant.

On my latest post I believe we left off where Gohan and Picolo had trained and Goku was about to go meet Roshi to ask him to join. Well this turned out to be a cheese episode, Roshi went to meet Tien who now has his own dojo, from here it was a weird episode, some girl from Tien’s past turned some guys into “zombies” to work for her and destroy the town where he lived on.  I really don’t feel to get into much details on fillers but this moved on and he recruited with lies many people for his team. His team ended up with Picolo, Vegeta, Gohan, Krillin, No 18, No 17, Tien, Goku (of course), Roshi and Majin Boo, but this changed once Majin Boo who after some training changed his body to look pretty cool, well he ended up exhausted that he decided to sleep. Continue reading


Mid-Year Sale from PSN, Worth Every Penny!

If you were waiting for a huge sale on PS4, today is the day. As of right now there are many titles going for great prices. This is due to their Mid-Year sale, there are lots of cool games that are worth getting, like GTA V for $30, God of War Collections for $3, The Last of Us for $4. Some of these games mainly for PS Vita you may already have thanks to the PS + Free Games. But is worth buying them because if you ever stop paying for it, you get to keep them for ever.

There are many more which can be found here. These sales are not just for PS4 but PS3 and Vita. So what are you waiting for, check the full list and get your wallet out!


New SNES Classic Edition

If you have not heard let me tell you that Nintendo has done it again. Remember the Nintendo Classic? Well they will now be releasing the Super Nintendo Classic Edition. Unlike the predecessor this console will not have 30 games but 21. The games will include Super Metroid, Super Mario World, and the Legend of Zelda A Link to The Past, which all those 3 you should now have on your 3Ds. The console will be out on sale on September 29th for $79.99. This makes me think and hope that the next console may be N64! Check here for the full list of games.

Pokemon Raids Update


After some days waiting and news circling around about the new enhanced Gyms, the new update has come out and well I can say I like it but there are some things I am not a fan of. The new alerts when there is a new Raid is cool, we can be walking in an area and get alerted of this Raid and we can walk towards that gym. There are 5 tiers of Raids with Pink Eggs the Level one Tier. Each tier will hold a certain Pokemon to be defeated, and of course as a higher Tier the tougher the Pokemon will be, the Pokemon that you can encounter will be different by Tier, they can range from Magikarp, Bayleef, Magmar, Arcanine, Charizard and Tyranitar, and more of course. Another addition to the Gyms that I like is the Poke-Stop spinner on top, I read that this was added for those that have less Pokestops in the area, so if you have a few Gyms you can head to them and spin the image above them and get free items.

How you defeat the Pokemon in the Raid is the same as a normal Gym battle, use a Pokemon that is strong against certain type of other Pokemon and done. When the Raid is completed you get a chance to capture that Pokemon. Tier 5 is what is kind of unknown right now, so far a list Pokemon has been released for Tier 1-4 but for Tier 5 people are speculating that this can be left alone for Ultra Rare Pokemon, like Mewtwo as seen in the promo video. Now what I don’t like personally is the level cap to start a Raid, Level 35. I mean if there are 5 Tiers (4 open at the moment) why make the level requirement so high? I am currently on level 21 only because I stopped playing due to the issues with the game. Looks like I have to catch up to enjoy the raids.

I think there are still things to be updated like Trading and a bit more enhancement to the game. I know those will come sooner than later, for the meantime lets enjoy what we have and have fun!

Sony E3 Recap


As of right now the Internet is bombarded with Tweets, FB Post, Instagram pictures and many many more ways of communication via social media related to Sony’s E3 game reveals. Well maybe not that crazy but I’m sure many people are going crazy with the new games announced just now. As of maybe 30 minutes ago, Sony had their pre-E3 game reveal and many titles that I was hoping for will be coming soon. Continue reading

Alert Game Stop Credit Card Users!!

I know these are not actual gaming news but I think is good to share this kind of information in case someone that reads this may have been affected. As many of you know retailers have been a target of hackers and stealing customer’s information, we can say that no one is 100% safe from this. Recently GameStop announced that their customer’s information may have been stolen for those that wanted to place an online order on their website from August 1, 2016 and February 9th, 2017. If you are one of the users that attempted to order something only from GameStop please check your accounts, emails from GameStop have been sent out for those that may have been affected, but as mentioned, just in case some people don’t read emails then I hope this helps.