Dragon Ball Super Eps. 61-63: The Fusion


Last episode ended with Black Goku revealing to Goku his true identity. Before fighting Goku tells Black and Zamasu that he knows how Black was created and Zamasu real power, but right before they start fighting, Black tells Goku how he happened to be who he is now. Zamasu tells them he is half right, he did use the Super Dragon Balls but he used them not to make a clone of Goku but to wish himself immortal. Once the wish was granted he traveled to the future and talked to his future self, explained his plan and he agreed to help him. Black then tells Goku his part, he is Zaamsu from the future, once approached by Immortal Zamasu they travel in time to re-use the Super Dragon Ball and wish for his body to be switched with Goku’s body.

Black then explained that after the switch he appeared to them and killed Goku, Goten and Chichi. Goku became angry to hear this and fought Black but ended up losing one more time. Trunks and Vegeta then join the fight but as it happened before, once again they are overpowered. Zamasu then confronts Trunks and tells him that he is who he is because of Trunks, all the time travel he did back in the android time caused a shift in balance in time that angered him. Zamasu accuses Trunks that all this earth destruction is because of his decision to time travel. He blames Trunks for all the destruction, this enrages Trunks and turns into Super Saiyan with blue energy even though he still Super Saiyan 2. Trunks starts fighting Black to the point of almost beating him but of course he lost. While fighting Trunks tells Vegeta to leave to the past and come up with a plan, Vegeta sees no other solution, he takes Goku and Vegeta and leave. Continue reading


Black Goku’s real Identity! Eps 57-60



Last episode ended on Zamasu appearing right before Black killed Goku. Goku wants to fight Zamasu thinking is the same Zamasu from his time and he will win not knowing is not. They both start fighting but in the middle of the fight Black joins and now is a 2 on 1 fight. Trunks gets in between them and helps Goku by attacking Black, but as a surprise Black overpowers them using the Kamehameha. With no other option and overpowered right as Black and Zamasu are about to kill them 3 of them, Yajirobe rescues Goku and Trunks, leaving Vegeta behind but Mai and the resistance army save him. The 3 of them escape to the past to think on a way to defeat them all and find out who this Black Goku is.

Back in their timeline, the 3 go into recovery after their injuries, Beerus and Whis arrive and find out what happened to them in the future, with Beerus still not liking time travel because it affects the whole timeline. Goku, Beerus and Whis decide to go and investigate what is of their current Zamasu, they all travel to the Kaio planet and talk to Gowasu. Whie believes Zamasu became angry after losing to Goku and used the Super Dragon Ball to wish a Goku clone. At the same time Zamasu went to visit the know-it-all and ask about the Super Dragon Ball in order to achieve his goal. When talking to Gowasu, they ask where Zamasu is not knowing his plan is starting to head his way. Gowasu tells them he started to hate the human race but eventually came to reason, not knowing that he was building his hate using excuses to kill the human race. While they are talking Zamasu appears not knowing what is going on.

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Dragon Ball Super Review Eps.46-52

Two months ago I stated I would keep up with Dragon Ball Super, but due to many anime to watch, and other TV shows that I need to keep up with, it has been too hard to keep up the DBS blog. I will try to talk on this blog about what has happened up until now, it may be a lot to write but I will try to keep it short and to the point. Last blog ended on the episode where Vegeta and Goku were about to fight once again so let’s get started. Continue reading

New Dragon Ball Super Review!


Last time I posted about Dragon Ball Super was about 5 months ago, and it has taken me this long to write about the next section. Latest episode reviewed was episode 35 where Vegeta was fighting the metal enemy in Champa’s Tournament.  Well the tournament ended, Goku was able to fight again due to the cheating competitor from the 6th universe which helped Beerus team to win. After the tournament things turned better, a new “god” showed up, The King of All, who is supposed to be as the name implies, the King of everything, there is no one above him anymore. He came and saw how the tournament went that he liked to have one but with multiple universes involved. Continue reading

Sword Art Online Part 2


So part 2 of the anime Sword Art Online still part of season one, I just named it part 2 because is related to SAO game but on this seconds part of the season they focus on a new game. From episode 1-14 they focus on the life of the player stuck in SAO surviving and all, but after Kirito finishes the game and they all are “revived” then they go to another game, this time the game is called, Alfheim Online (ALO) a land of fairies. The game started after an assistant of Akihiko Kayaba named Sugou, (I think he was his assistant) created a new game, which kept many people in comma like the previous game because all their data was transferred straight from SAO to ALO.

Kirito didn’t get interested in the game until he received an email from a friend showing a pictured of Asuna or what it seem to be a person that looked like her. He then is informed of the game and he starts to play and see. On this game you have to learn your own skills, not level up just experience, you can fly with your fairy wings but magic is limited to fly. He then finds a girl and helps her, not knowing she is his own real sister, or half-sister since they are cousins rose as brother and sister. The plat was a bit cheese, they all can die on the game and nothing happens to them in real life, so some of the acting or the way they talk to them in battle was overdramatic, they talked like that was their last fight and they were going to die for ever, I get that they came from a traumatic game experience in SAO but I think they went overboard on this one. Continue reading

Sword Art Online Part 1 (review spoiler)


UPDATE: Just a quick note, the manga is said to be a mid-hentai due to mature scenes and stuff, well the anime was not neat hentai or mid hentai, so is safe for all ages, or most ages.

I have been watching Sword Art Online (SAO) and my first impression was, wow this show is really cool. The game focuses on the life of players stuck in a virtual game, the game developer wanted to test people’s skills and just wanted a game that way, so he trapped every player without a chance to logout, their only way to escape is by beating the game.  When people hear that they all started to panic, of course like we all would, many got their helmet removed and died, many other dies doing quests while playing. Continue reading

Netflix to make Death Note American Version

If you like anime I’m pretty sure you have heard of Death Note, or t least I hope so, if you haven’t then I will explain what this anime is about. Death Note is an anime where a human by the name of Light (english version) finds a notebook from a demon Ryuk, that because he was bored he “dropped” it by accident so that who ever found it, used and he can see what this person would do. Well the notebook was a Death Note that demons use to write name of humans and whatever is written there is the way the person would die.

Light started using this first not knowing how to use it, after some time he figured it out and was really good at using it, he disguised himself under the demon name Kira, he got  so good that he caught the attention of an investigator by the name of L, who was right behind him trying to catch him. Well that was the anime, there is already a Japanese Movie, and now Netflix has taken over the American adaptation that will start recording in June. The casting has already been released click here for more info. What do you think of this? I do hope they make it better than the Japanese version, the actual anime was good for me until it just started to get boring, but an American movie will be really interesting to watch.




Netflix Picks Up The Rights To The American Live Action ‘Death Note’ Film