Pokemon Switch Leaked Image?

In the past few days I have seen several rumors about the upcoming Pokémon for Switch, and we all know that some of those rumors turn out to be true. I remember the Sun/Moon rumors as far as started Pokémon and they all came out to be true. But then there are those that are nothing but fake, which in some cases I am glad it is fake and not true.

In the case of the new Pokémon for Switch, the “leaked” image that was released recently has caused some people to hope it is fake. Many believe this is only a fake image with images from the past 2 games Sun/Moon and Ultra Sun/Moon. The image that I saw seems a bit blurry and it still looks very similar to the 3Ds games. What I expect is for the game to change a lot, but I know that may not happen because possibly they want to keep the game close to the original as possibly, I could be wrong but we will see. I tried to get you a nice image to see but I was not able to locate it, so I will leave you here the YouTube video from NGameTheCube that I first saw the image on. Let me know what you think of it.


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