IT Movie 2017 My Opinion!

So after almost a month I decided to go see the new IT Movie, I waited this long to make sure the theater was almost empty and avoid the long line and noisy crowd. Well what can I say, the movie was well made. This movie is not for the person that fell in love with the original, this movie is good for anyone that is willing to give it a chance.

The whole movie has almost the same idea of the clown, all the same characters are there, each has their store as the original, but the difference is that on this movie their background changed a bit, of course they could not make it identical as the original. The kids characters were well played, in my opinion the best character as far as the kids was Richie Tozier played by Stranger Things actor Finn Wolfhard. The clown itself was ok I guess, it was kind of creepy more than scary, but overall he did a good job as well.


The end was weird, inside the sewer all the kids were floating, which is the first time we actually see kids floating, I mean he did say you will all float so yeah they really were all floating. The original movie seemed more creepy when they went inside and killing Henry Bowers was not a good move, or so we think he is dead, he may come back in part 2. The movie ended like the half part of the original, his head exploded and he retracted to the inner section of the sewer. The last part before the kids departed ended with them agreeing that they will meet if this thing (IT) was to come back. Remember how the Jewish kid saw the lights in part 2 and he killed himself as an Adult? well my guess is that Kimberly will be the one dying because she is the only one who saw the lights this time. Well see if this happens, lets wait and see for part 2!

*Did you see the cameo of the original IT? He was inside the house, let me know if you spotted him!



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