Dragon Ball Super Ep. 100 Review


Last week’s Dragon Ball Super episode was a bit, how can I say this, not sure how to explain it. I guess Dragon Ball Super will never be as good to me as DBZ, yes I know is not the same, I know I have to get over it and deal with it, but when you get used to one thing is hard to change to something new. I am used to long fights, over the top crushing powers that with one blow it would seem like the whole planet was going to be destroyed. The whole Super Saiyan Legend, that took Goku so long to achieve, the feeling we all had when we finally saw Goku turn into a Super Saiyan, and then we have DBS, which now with just a simple tingle in your back you can turn into Super Saiyan.

Now back to last week’s episode, Goku ended up teaching Caulifla how to turn into a Super Saiyan 2, then after some small fight Kale gets upset because Goku is taking her sister again from her so she gets super mad and turns into the female Broly. Goku and her start to fight which it seems that even on his Blue Saiyan form he struggled to fight her. Now I read somewhere that the movies, (OVA) are in a total different universe, which it don’t make much sense but sure. In one of the previous movies where Broly comes and fights with Gohan and Goten, them 2 with Goku’s spirit, ended up defeating him, why can’t blue Goku defeat her now? Again maybe I am way to in the old DBZ but that old DBZ is what got me into the show.

Anyways, Hit and the other great warriors felt the power that Kale expelled, it was so strong that they thought it was a “demon”. The fight was so destructive and powerful that Jiren had to get involved and stop the fight with one punch, making Kale turn back into normal saiyan form. That to me was the most “exciting” part of the episode, there were other parts like Vegeta fighting Cabba, which didn’t last long as it was interrupted by the female Broly power. This is still a Dragon ball show and I will always like it, maybe not every episode just like DBZ, it had its episodes that weren’t so good but hey it is what it is. Sorry this was not very informative, it was more me venting on how I feel about DBS, I need to stop that and enjoy the show.


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