The Waking Dead Season 8 Teaser!

So, last week right before the weekend started, actually on Friday as the weekend started I was surprised to see the new Waking Dead Season 8 teaser, and I can say that I was excited to see it. As we remember last season ended right as Rick and his people were about to go into war with Negan. I know I say this a lot and I am very sorry but I have to say it again, if you have read the comic and you are up to date I’m pretty sure you know what is coming.


The teaser was pretty cool, we saw scenes from the war with Negan, how the 3 communities, Hill Top, Alexandria and The Kingdom worked together to get Negan. There were few scenes that looked amazing, the war, shiva attacking walkers (here is where she may die) and all that other stuff. But what interested me the most was the end. Seeing that cane right away I knew what it was about, of course Old Rick with his cane due to the broken/injured leg, and then at the end old rick laying on a bad with gray hair and beard, exactly like the comic, well not 100% exact as in the comic is hard to tell if he has that much gray hair.

It was exciting to see this because as of know in the comic the war had come and gone. What this makes us think or wonder is if the whisperers are coming? I wonder if the show will continue as far as the comic, until right now they are pretty close to catch up with it. Carl is older now to represent the age or the growth we seen in the comic so I think they may continue with the whisperers’ saga. As we know the teaser is part of a full season and like always the season will be divided in 2 parts. Let’s just hope this is not the last season because I am ready for the new story! If you missed the teaser here it goes!



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