Dragon Ball Super Catching up (Again)


Have you been watching each week Dragon Ball Super? If you have then let me tell you that you are a champ, not everyone continues to watch DG Super, well at least not everyone that I know of. The anime has taken some turns that is making a good show to watch, but it also has had some “sagas” that man I wish they had never done that, but I get it, they do this only to try and catch up in the manga or to create more content for the anime that is more relevant.

On my latest post I believe we left off where Gohan and Picolo had trained and Goku was about to go meet Roshi to ask him to join. Well this turned out to be a cheese episode, Roshi went to meet Tien who now has his own dojo, from here it was a weird episode, some girl from Tien’s past turned some guys into “zombies” to work for her and destroy the town where he lived on.  I really don’t feel to get into much details on fillers but this moved on and he recruited with lies many people for his team. His team ended up with Picolo, Vegeta, Gohan, Krillin, No 18, No 17, Tien, Goku (of course), Roshi and Majin Boo, but this changed once Majin Boo who after some training changed his body to look pretty cool, well he ended up exhausted that he decided to sleep.

Now the team was incomplete, so they rushed the last couple of hours to fins the last team member, and that ended up being…Freeza. Everyone thought that was a dumb decision, ( I still think is a dumb decision) but they needed a 10th member so he became one. Right from the day he was recruited he started trouble with Goku and as soon as they got to the Tournament he became an ally of the other dude that looks like him. (sorry can’t remember his name).

Finally, the tournament began, Goku was exited to fight and mainly to fight with Topo. Each universe showed up and some with not a full team which upset Goku and the rest knowing that they could compete without 10 people. They had a strategy and it was to make a circle and wait for the others to attack but knowing Freeza, Goku and N17 they went at it right away as soon as the tournament started.


The last 2 episodes things started to get much better, the first Universe got erased, which was Universe 9, the one with the wolf team. Everyone was in shock to see that it was real, that if they lose their universe will get destroyed. From there on the fights got more intense. Krillin started to struggle but came up and defeated an enemy, but the celebration only lasted a few seconds when he was kicked out the ring. Last week’s episode ended with that, having Krillin getting kicked out. Get ready as the fights will get more intense as enemies start losing.



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