Call of Duty is bringing back Nazi Zombies!

The date is getting closer to the release of Call of Duty WWII, and there is more news out from this game. The most recent news are that they will be bringing the Nazi Zombies back to the game. In my opinion the zombie gameplay was pretty cool, gave me a changes to play call of duty killing zombies, even though I sucked at it.

If you look at the YouTube Video posted by “Call of Duty” we can see some cool animations, some Nazi zombies coming to “life” and a soldier shooting at them. We can see that they were an experiment and we can see some other new zombie, which look more like they could be bosses. In the video from minute 1:30 we see one zombie with what it looks like armor and spikes around it. This is really exiting, I love zombie games and I loved Nazi zombies from day one, so this new game will be great, what do you guys think?


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