New God of War 2018

I had to save some time just for this game, I mean this game has been and will continue to be one of my favorite game of all time. Since I played GoW II for the first time i got hooked on this game and since then I have played every game including the one that many people forgot about already, the GoW Mobile game.

Since last year when the game was revealed I was hoping for this day to come sooner and learn more about and well I was not disappointed. The game looks really cool, they showed us some cinematic and some game play. We learned a bit more about the game and some of the history of it. From what I could tell the game will be kind of like a continuation from the previous games. There was a part where Kratos is looking at a vase with his image holding the blades and chains. he is told that the Gods from this area don’t like strangers, and of course the little boy tells him he knows the “truth”.

I liked the whole fighting scene with him and the boy, from what I can tell the boy will be part of the whole game, like his companion. When fighting we saw him using his Captain America shield and the cool ax which comes back to him like if he was…Thor. We see him fighting some new enemies, of course you can forget giant monsters like the one in the background right after the video started. In one scene Kratos throws his ax and lands on a rock next to a new character which looks at it surprised, I am sure that ax means something and is really important.

One thing that will not change is his cool combat style, using the enemies weapons and killing them in a cool way as always.  Close to the end we learn that the boy indeed is his son, who is the mother? Who knows, but it will be interesting to find out. The video ends with a serpent talking to him letting him know it wants to help them. Is many games the cinematic always is better than the game play, of course consoles cannot emulate or process the same kind of graphics in a moving session, but from what I saw on this game, it looks like the game will look as good as the trailer and cinematic. I am waiting and it will be worth waiting until early 2018!



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