Sony E3 Recap


As of right now the Internet is bombarded with Tweets, FB Post, Instagram pictures and many many more ways of communication via social media related to Sony’s E3 game reveals. Well maybe not that crazy but I’m sure many people are going crazy with the new games announced just now. As of maybe 30 minutes ago, Sony had their pre-E3 game reveal and many titles that I was hoping for will be coming soon.

Some of the good games to mention are , Shadow of the Colossus, not sure if this is a remake but the game looks amazon. With the power of the PS4 Pro I am sure this game will be looking as I said, amazing! The game was originally released for PS3, when it was first announced it seemed pretty cool but not sure why I lost interest in it, but this new one I feel like I will be getting. Another game to talk about was Spider-Man, this game reminds me so much to the older PS One Spider-Man game I used to play, but with new mechanics and better graphics this game looks nice as well. The game shows to have gamer prompts similar to God of War, where it ask the player to press keys at specific times to perform certain actions, like shooting webs, stopping a helicopter from crashing, stopping debris from falling in people and many more stuff.

One game that seemed odd but I guess kind of cool mainly because is a, Final Fantasy spin-off game, is the Final Fantasy Fishing game. Not sure if its needed or if people will definitely get it just because is a FF game, but well have to see. It for sure has some cool and weird creatures to fish, and some nice graphics, I guess most games nowadays will have nice graphics thanks to the consoles power. One game we knew it was coming is Destiny 2, which of course is a must get for this year. The intro video was pretty cool, they showed once again the destruction of the Traveler, how it came to be destroyed, most of it was cinematic of the game since actual game-play has already been shown.

There were many more games that there is really no time to type about them all, I know I missed some people favorite games but I want to spend some time focusing on some of the games I liked seeing and worth mentioning. I am sorry if I missed one of your games, I will try to keep up to date on the most recent news on anything to come.



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