Pokemon Go – Legendary Pokemon

Pokemon Go Legendary – GameSpot

Many Pokemon Go players have been waiting since launch day to get their hands in awesome Pokemon. We have spent hours walking around, others “flying” and others cheating doing all possible to get their hands on every single Pokemon out in the wild. We wanted more rare Pokemon, the first one we got that made many of us happy was Ditto! We have been waiting for more and more rare Pokemon, to be exact Legendary Pokemon. Recently at the 21st Webby Award, we were given a hint, or what we think it may be a hint for Legendary Pokemon. The marketing product lead Bhargava said “This Summer will be Legendary”, this is what made many y people think we are weeks away from seeing Lengedary Pokemon spawn near us.

What do you think of this? It was not a statement it was a simple sentence said that has made people think it will be happening soon. We have been waiting since we saw the first Articuno, which was taken away pretty soon. I do hope this happens soon, we have waited long enough and this summer is the time to Catch’em All!!



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