The Division New Update 1.6.1

The Division 1.6.1 Update – GameSpot

It has been a while since I mentioned The Division, to be honest I stopped playing it for a while because I lost interest. The game had been good, it just got boring because so many glitches were exploited and just made the game not fair for others. While it lasted for me I enjoyed the game, mainly the single player and how easy it was to join the Dark Zone and play with others. When the game was good it made it worthwhile. When I just to play it there were many things I wished were available and they came to the game but kind of late. I wanted the skins on weapons and backpacks, we got them but for a price. At that time it was too late to add in game transactions because many people had lost faith in the game. 

Now we are told a new update 1.6.1 is going live tomorrow, with it another feature I wished we had for so long. This time the feature I had been wanting for a while is the “save sets”, basically you can create a Predator (or any other) set with your favorite items and save it, then create another one with Firecrest and just switch when needed. This was needed a long time ago, I wanted to have a build set for PVP and another for PVE without having to take off one piece at a time. Other small changes are tweaks in the Dark Zone, so.e sections were re-designed to avoid “unfair encounters”. They added new feature that some people wishes this was from the beginning, after clearing a Dark Zone landmark you will be granted extra DZ XP, currency and 1 non-contaminated item. 

The update will be available for all devices tomorrow, the PC will receive an extra set of patches to ale the game look better and load faster. All patch I formation can be found here.



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