A New Pokemon has Appeared! Lycanroc Midnight Form

Good news for Pokemon Fans all over, there is a new Pokemon coming to you soon, this new Pokemon is Lycanroc. Many of you already have it because you got Pokemon Moon, but for those that got Pokemon Sun we had to wait for someone to trade us one or capture it after beating the game. If you are new to Pokemon Sun/Moon and will like to get your hands on this really cool Pokemon well this will be available to you very soon. If you are in the UK you can get it starting May 5th by going to your local game store, if you are in North America you can do the same on May 15th. After obtaining the code you may go to your Mystery Gift and redeem the code. This code will give you a Lycanroc Level  50 with No Guard ability, these four moves: Stone Edge, Fire Fang, Sucker Punch and Sword Dance, also it will be holding Life Orb, Don’t miss this chance, you may already have one Lycanroc but not this special one!



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