The New Nintendo 2Ds…..XL!

It has been announced a new resigned Nintendo 2Ds and this one looks cool. The main difference is that is no longer a “candy-car” style, or whatever you call it. This time is a flip one like the 3Ds with an XL screen. This new 2Ds is basically the same as a 3DS with no 3D feature, it has the mini-joy stick and ability to read amiibos. The new design does make it look cool, I personally like it and even better with a low price of $149.99, that means the old style 2Ds is now $79.99. Just like the previous form you will able to play 3Ds cartridges and Old Nintendo Ds games.This new device will be out for sale in North America July 28th, Japan on July 13th, in Europe on July 2017 no specific date yet and in Australia in June 15 2017. If you haven’t seen it please check it out, you may even get a new 2Ds!



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