November 3rd, New CoD:WWII!!



So, it has been 2 days since the new CoD game was announced, finally back to WWII a kind of game that I love because that’s the kind of game that got me into FPS. But now there are way too many games out there related to WWII that I am not sure if this was a good move for CoD. I mean when they started doing the whole space battle I just abandoned CoD, my last game I ever played was Modern Warfare Series, after that I just didn’t like it no more, I guess it just did not catch my attention.

Now with this new WWII coming up, new generation devices maybe just maybe it will be good. Personally, I like Battlefield games, we all have our personal preferences but for me Battlefield is the best, with all its great graphics and environment destruction, it makes it look like a real war game. From what it was shown the gameplay seems to be cool, the graphics do look nice, and the new gameplay I think will bring people to this game.

I love the new addition of zombies back into this game, more because you will be able to play it in Co-Op. There is a lot more to be mention about this game, I like watching YouTube videos when I want to review or see about a new game and if you want to check a good video check this page, JackFrags he has some really cool content. If you own a Play Station remember you get an exclusive Beta Testing with the pre-order of the game.



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