Dragon Ball Super Catching up!

If you have not been watching Dragon Ball Super let me tell you that since Black Goku and Samasu you really haven’t miss much. There was a short exposition battle between Universe 7 which is Goku’s universe versus universe 9 which was told to be one one the weakest ones along with 7. The fights that took place were kind of interesting we saw Buu, Gohan and Goku fight, this lasted for about I believe 3 or 4 episodes, but then again it was just a quick show for the God of  All to see.

Since that small show Goku has been back on earth trying to recruit people to join his team, this really has waisted so much good fighting time. He went to get Krillin, Android 18 and now Android 17. In the process of looking for people to join his team he wento Dende to help him find android 17, and they threw a short hint that Uub may be coming back. Dende mentioned to Goku that a little boy with extraordinary power was in earth a resurrection from Buu, from here I think they will dedicate a whole season just for him.  All these episodes with stuff that is not fully related to what is going on are just fillers so they can prolonged the show but some of them have been super boring specially today episode.

Today’s episode #87 to me was one of the worst and more boring. Goku is still trying to convince Android 17 to join his team, while asking him a spaceship shows to earth and takes the animals that live in the small island that Android 17 takes care of. Son Goku helps him take them animals back, while he fights with super low level enemies. This really seemed like a waste of time for us and a really dumb episode, but then again that is my opinion.

Next episode will be focusing on some training between Gohan and Piccolo, which I feel this will be one episode that will be extended to at least 3 episodes, keep in mind that after this episode they have 23 hours left for the main tournament begins. I believe that once the Battle of Universes begins the show will take a turn to the better, we have 12 Universes with lost of fighters and I know for sure this will be the best season.


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