Attack on Titan Season 2 Ep. 1


I was wondering how to start this blog, words could not make sense in my mind on how to start it so I just stared typing, and here I am. Attack on Titan Season 1 was good, it seemed more like an introduction to the whole mystery of the Titans and the struggle for humanity. Their mystery got more complex with the appearance of the new Titans and humans inside them, that was a big blow on humans knowing that their own people were killing them.

Season 2 started a few weeks back and well I can say this first episode was the best episode so far, maybe I’m wrong because I have not seen episodes 2 and 3 but here is my kind os short recap on episode 1 from season 2. Season 2 started where 1 ended, capturing the “female titan” but getting no where with how and where these new titans come from. Everyone seems to be living kind of normal lives until Wall Rose was breached and titans are invading the outer side of the city. In the middle of the battle to hold the female titan, it broke some part of the wall protecting the main city, to which they discover titans were inside the walls, something that the church was hiding from the people of the city, this will be a new story in the season.

The scouts are being held to make sure there are no more human-titans with them. After some time held captive and no signs of any spies in the group, it seems like everything will be just fine, until they saw the first group of titans coming towards them. The scouts and the rest of the group take horse to alert people in the city. In the way there they end up killing several giants but a brand new “beast titan” appeared. At first the new beat titan seemed like a giant ape, and one of the scouts did not mind it since it was not paying attention to him, until he grabbed a horse and tossed it at him.

The scout got wounded on the floor, the other giants did not hurt him because it seemed like they were afraid of following orders from the beast titan. When the beast titan approached the scout, it spoke! He asked him why the use of blades and told the scout it seems like you all know we reside in the back of the neck. He asks about the air pressure artifact but the scout did no reply, the beast titan takes the device from him, at that point the scout remembers that if he does not fight he won’t survive, he yells and the beast titan notices him and calls the titans to kill him.

This episode was great, a huge twist to this new season. We will start seeing new titans, their story and what will be coming for humans very soon.


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