Attack on Titan Season 1 Recap

Attack on Titan Season 1

After spending almost 2 weeks trying to re-watch Attack on Titan I finally was able to finish all the 1st Season and I have to say there were thing I forgot about it and I’m glad I re-watched it. I have read somewhat of the manga, mainly because I was told it has more information that the anime and well I think that is normal for any anime that started as a manga.

Well season 1 was good, I wished more action was added in the first few episodes instead of spending time showing up their training but hey every anime needs it filler episodes. So humans live basically as Eren said, caged. They have survived for 100 years without any issues from Titans. Titans are huge deformed people that kill humans. They had not been able to cross into the walls encircling the big city until a colossal Titan showed up and broke the 1st wall. From there on humans really started to fight for their survival and defeat titans. Continue reading