The Division Easter Event!

Starting April 13th meaning yesterday The Division will have an Easter events giving us 2X Rewards by killing bosses which spawn every 4 hours and discounted emotes, backpacks and several other skins. From April 14th to April 16th CEST The Division will be providing an increase in rewards by killing named enemies in the Single Player World and in the Dark Zone. The 2nd round of the event will be focusing on providing double proficiency caches every time a player “leves up” this will go on starting April 16th to April 18th 10am CEST.

And the last part of the event will run from April 13th to April 20th which will include sale on Division items like weapon skins, outfits and emotes. From what I read in GameRant the discount could be up to 75%  which if you ask me that is really cheap. IF you have not played The Division in a while I think today is a good day to get back on, with many rewards coming for this Easter Reward, I am sure you will be fully stock by the end of the event.



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