New Battlefront II Teaser Trailer

Today we have seen a short Teaser video from Star Wars Battlefront II, and well just by looking at it I can say is I cannot wait for the game to come out. In the short teaser we can see that we will be able to fight along all eras, no more stuck only on one. The teaser showed a small part of a fight with Darth Maul, some space fight and of course ground troops fighting AATs.

What can we expect from this new game? Well I’m sure they will be adding lots of new stuff, we already know they will add campaign mode which was missing from the first game. I liked paying in 3rd person mode but I think a 1st person mode would be better at least I think so. What are you expecting from this new game? What are few things you wish to see on it? Let’s us know, for now enjoy the short teaser.



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