New Age of Empires Mobile Game

2017-04-06 08_46_25-Age of Empires_ Castle Siege - Android Apps on Google Play

Do you remember playing any of the Age of Empires game back in the day? I remember my first AoE game I played was part 2, which to be honest I believe it was the best of them all, yes part 3 had more DLCs and several other features that part 2 didn’t, but since that was my first AoE game I have to say it was the best. Well as you may know an older AoE was made available for mobile devices and well that game was not the best, it came out way too early in the days and well technology for mobile games was not the best then.

Just recently a new version of AoE was released for iOS, Windows Phone and Android, this new game as expected has really nice graphics, and a really cool gameplay, well kind of. If you are familiar with Clash of Clans then you will be able to play this game. Many CoC clones have come out recently all of them trying to get some of the gamers that CoC has. The problem is that many of those games are not well made and lack the same main features that the original one has.

I really can’t speak for this game just yet since I have not played it myself. I have seen videos and read a few reviews, you cannot judge a game by reading reviews the best thing that you can do is play it. The only issue I have is that is just another clone, I wish it was a water down version of the original PC version, just like Yu-gi-oh Duel Links did. But I’m sure Microsoft knows what it’s doing and this is part of their plan, so if you like to give it a try check it out on your device app store, but be ready to spend in the in-app purchases ranging from $0.99 up to $69.99.



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