Star Wars Battlefront 2 Gameplay Release June 10-12

UPDATE: It looks like the game will be shown a lot earlier than June. There will be a trailer showing off at The Galaxywide Premier of Star Wars Battlefront 2″ on April 15th. This will be available to watch online at 5:30 A.M CT US, 11:30 A.M PT UK time.

Many of us waited so long to have a chance to play Star Wars Battlefront when it was announced. Many were happy and some were not so happy when they announced no campaign mode was going to be available. Since it was released they had several DCL and new characters available trying to get people to like the game as it was intended. Recently we find out that a new Battlefront 2 was on its making, and that this time there was going to me more story mode with campaign and from what I can recall they will focus not just on older movies but also on newer ones.

Now the good news about Battlefront 2, we just heard that EA will give us a chance to play the game from June 1o-12. This will give us a chance to play the game before is out. I’m sure this will be a BETA, what I do want is to make sure this time EA and everyone involved in the game can hear players and allows us make a better game compared to the first game. After the game we will be having the E3 2017 edition, so lets stay tuned for more information.

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