The Division Year 2 free content!

The Division has turned 1 year old, along the way the game has struggle bringing new content and a good, stable and balance game that many of us can enjoy without throwing the remote across the living room. Through-out the year we have seen the game from bad to ok game, as of right now for me the game is just fine, but for others there are still things to be fixed. Update after update we saw one thing get fix and another breaking, balancing one gun and over-powering another, making builds easy to use and understand to complicated ones and worthless.

With the year anniversary, we start a new stage on the game, just recently they released Last Stand, and as I mentioned on a previous blog, people will find a bug/glitch and abuse it making the game unfair for others, the glitch I am talking about it wearing 4 tactician pieces, seekers, and a vigorous chest peace along with resourceful bag. This glitch will make you gain lots and lots of points allowing you to rank up and unlock lots of sealed cache. But again, back to the main subject, Massive has announced 2 more DLC for the game but this time the DLC’s will be free and no delay to release on PS4. There is not much information about what the DLC may be about just brief information, you can read the whole note or watch the whole interview video here.

2017-03-09 10_01_54-The Division Celebrates Anniversary, Free Year 2 Content Plans Revealed - UbiBlo

Another perk that we got on the 1st year anniversary is a sort of event, a free Emote from March 9 to March 16th, 2X High Value Target Reward from March 9th to March 11th, 2X Field Proficiency Cache from March 11th to March 15th and finally 200 Premium Credits from March 9th to March 16th. Year 2 content seems to be promising, they will be adding new story to the game, that is something people wanted, the free DLC will be very welcome, now let’s hope this new DLC will make the game more interesting, I don’t want to compare games because each game is unique, but I wish they would add content as Destiny did to its games.Check out Skill Up video for more info!




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