New Ghost Recon: Wildlands is out!

So finally, another anticipated game has been released, Ghost Recon: Wildlands. But how good/bad is it? Not long ago about 2 weeks at the most, we were playing the close and open beta and from the feedback I got from friends and myself, the gameplay was not 100% there. How is the game now that is fully out? Due to those issues, I decided not to buy the game just yet, driving and flying was not the best there is, but I cannot compare this game with others that are better at the vehicle controls. Could it be that the beta was an unfinished version of the game and wanted to tease us? Maybe the game was already fully developed, whatever the case may be, I think for this one I will need to wait a bit longer before buying it.

I know the game-play is good, basically another Division but in the wild. I know there is a lot of weapon customization, no need to get weapon talents and NPC’s depending on the game are easier to kill, they are not bullet sponges. One thing that was keeping me away from it, and well it still keeping me away is the lack of PVP, recently it was announced that there will be a sort of PVP. The description given in the video was that there will be a team of 4vs4 in a small map, I can’t recall if it was about capturing flags or not, I can be totally wrong on this. What I was thinking is to make the whole world PVP, either join to do missions or a free-for-all arena like H1Z1. The game was just released yesterday there’s still of time to go and find out what the game can bring, for the mean time keep playing Division.


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