Brief thought so far about The Division 1.6 Update


Well update 1.6 for The Division has been out for just 2 days, so there is not much to say about it just yet, however I do have some opinions about it so far. Many of us waiting for this update wanted to see if the game would be better or worse once again. Well so far my first impression is good, even though we lost armor from our gear. All our old items that had armor were removed, now many players have to focus on creating a new build and some of the ones that depended on Alpha Bridge are left finding a new gear set. The new update is treating the new “exotic” weapons like they do in Destiny, in Destiny you can only carry one “legendary” weapon and one gear, that is good to avoid overpowered players.

I was able to play the new Dark Zones and well they are big, the 3 new DZ alone have 12 landmarks to clear. It also contains new checkpoints and added a few more DZ entrances. And finally Last Stand, I had 2 games yesterday and well I really do like the game-play, is easy, by easy I mean the concept is easy, capture 3 points and prevent the enemy from taking it over. The bad part is, if you are going to play it you need to make sure you have a well-coordinated team, if you start the game running around killing like crazy just to get points and kills then you may never win a match. IN one of the games I had, my team was all over the place, and the enemy was coordinated, every time one person in our team got killed it was a small group of 3. That is what our team lacked, but overall the game was good, there is still time to play more. I’m sure the more time we play it will just get better, now the game is more about skill rather than overpowered builds, but I’m sure this won’t last long, there will be a way to find something that will need to get fixed next update. Let’s see what this game brings us for its 2nd year.


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