The Division update 1.6 coming next week!

The time has come, finally The Division will be releasing update 1.6 along with Last Stand, new Incursion – Lost Signal and more updates to the overall game. Update 1.6 had been announced for some time, we knew a last DLC was coming but didn’t know when, we saw many people play the PTS and many of us wanted to get our hand on this asap. Well the wait is almost over, next Tuesday February 28, update 1.6 will be rolled out for everyone, unlike previous DLC, we all get to play Last Stand, no more Xbox One first then a month later PS4, all consoles get to play it Tuesday!

If you still don’t know what 1.6 is about let me tell you shortly what it is. With 1.6 we will get as mentioned above a new DLC, Last Stand which gets 2 groups, meaning 8 people in a kind of capture the flag scenario, you will need to secure data from specific points throughout the Dark Zone in order to win the match, you will also fight 8 people. This new update will also add new Dark Zone locations, as far as gear no new score will be added but armor will be taken away, so starting today you need to start farming and see how items become after the update. This update has been wanted for some time, now we will have a full PVP that many have been waiting for, the question is, will people be satisfied with the new update? We have had 1.3 to 1.5 and in paper it looks good but in actual gameplay is not as great. Only time will tell, for now farming time get ready for the update. Also check this video here from Skill Up you will like it.


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