Attack on Titan Season 2 Coming Soon!

By now I am sure many people have read or seen Attack on Titan, if not let me give you a bit of information about it. Among anime and manga, I like, I have Attack On Titan, this anime is about a city that is actually attacked by Titans or giant people. These Titans vary from size and shapes, some are smaller than others but they all have one thing in common, they like to eat humans. A group or people have survived in a city surrounded by walls that protect them from the Titans, until one bigger and stronger than the others showed up and destroyed the wall, allowing other Titans to enter the city and kill many people. The rest I’ll leave it to you to watch on your own. Well for those that already know, Funimation has confirmed a Season 2 coming to us in April 1st. This will be brought to us by Kodansha the manga publisher of Fairy Tail, and 7 Deadly Sins among others.As of now I am not sure who will be transmitting the show, it could be Hulu, Netflix, Crunchy Roll all I know is that this season I’ll be as good as the first one. SO if you are like me, one of those people that like a show but starts watching it with they are 6 seasons in, don’t waste time and watch the first season, it is on Hulu and Netflix with 25 episodes.



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