The Division: Last Stand More Info

 Since 2 weeks ago that PTS for The Division 1.6 Last Stand was released, more and more videos are being uploaded to You Tube showing us what to expect. I have seen some myself and well the game looks good, not sure how the actual game play is, by that I mean since I am not playing it, is hard to explain with detail the feel of the game. I have recently watched LiKe BuTTer play some of the Last Stand and the game looks cool. Overall the point of the game is kind of like capture the flag, actually it is a capture the flag, an 8 men team starts off and tries to take over some points, both teams spawn in different locations, again trying to take over the points.

While trying to capture some points you have NPC around it trying to stop you from doing so, killing them will give you points which will allow you to take over some other points. From what I have seen, the game-play is more tactical, more team work to actually win. One change that has been done and some people have complaint is the unable to reload while running, a lot of us do this in order to counter-attack the enemy, but maybe after a while we will be able to get use to it, it may work on our favor when trying to chase a rogue. There are other things that are cool about the new update coming soon, so just check the video below and let us know what you think.


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