Pokemon Duel!

Yesterday Pokémon did one on us, they released the Pokémon Duels, this game was already released in Japan with no word on when or if we would be seeing in in other countries. The game is free to play, available in both iOS and Android. The gameplay consists of a team of 6 Pokémon, they look like small amiibo figurines, you battle your way through a small board to reach a location in your opponent’s end, the first to get there wins.

The battle is similar to what we know, but in order to attach you spin a wheel that lands in a specific location that tells you what you can do, attack, dodge or miss attack, of course the Pokémon with stronger attack wins. The game is a turn base, strategy game, each Pokémon can only move a certain number of spaces making it challenging. IN order to get more Pokémon you need to win matches or purchase “booster packs” with real money. The game looks Ok, I have not fully played it, I can only say the videos I have watched makes me want to give it a try, for now I am happy playing Pokémon Trozie, no need to do in-app purchases and is more like bejewel so keeps me entertain. I will see if this game is worth it or not, so have you played it? What do you think about it? Check the video above by Game Trailers



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