Nintendo Switch event information!

The big day is gone now, Nintendo Switch was announced and it left me wishing for more, I felt like it lacked something. The announcement was about an hour long, during the which they talked mainly about software and a few hardware parts. Some of the hardware we already knew, like the dock, the now called “Joy-Con” which are the small controllers, but they also mentioned some new items like the “joy-con strap” which are small adapters for the joy-con, as the name says it they have straps to hold the controller just like the Wii remotes and has 2 buttons added the SL/SR buttons.

One big feature of the new joy-con is the ability to play games without looking at the screen, the new HD sensors will allow you to play looking at the player, I believe the new sensor inside along with other new sensors it allows the remote to identify what you are doing. The new features make the joy-con work similar if not exactly like the Wii remotes. No let’s talk about specifications, not much of this was released or talked at the event, but in their site they only have 3 things to talk about and is not much. Battery should last about 6 hours in a single charge but of course this can vary depending on the game or software that you are playing, at their site they say The Legend of Zelda will last about 3 hours. The memory of the device is 32GB with options to expand with a microSDXC card, and finally the screen, which is a 6.2-inch with multi-touch capacitive screen with a 1280X720 resolution, the size is about the size of a Note 5 phone.

And finally the software, new original titles for the Switch and of course some of the ones we wanted to see. First of the one made for the Switch by Nintendo similar to Wii Sports they will have 1-2-Switch, which is a fun game to play with the family. Arms a fighting game that used the motion of the joy-con with your hands throwing punches to eliminate the enemy. Some games that are on the works are Skyrim, FIFA, Fire Emblem, Xenoblade and others. As always a new Mario game was to be expected and this new one will be great but won’t be out until holiday 2017, the game is called Super Mario Odyssey. This game will let Mario explore different worlds including a city like New York and other worlds. Other games announced were Splatoon 2 which honestly looks great, Mario Kart 8 Deluxe and my favorite, The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild will be released on the same launch date of the system March 3rd 2017.

The event was ok, I feel like Japanese people dint get as hyped as other countries, every time they showed something new it was quiet, I’m sure if this even was done in a different country we would hear the crowd going crazy. Other things I wish they had talked is Pokémon game, we had been hoping but we knew it may not happen, to get some news on the so rumored Pokémon Star, guess we will have to wait longer.The system will cost $299.99 USD, for Europe we were told to ask our retail store, for that price we get some nice stuff, the system, the dock, the joy-con, the grip, the joy-con strap an HDMI cable and yes a power cable!  There was much information shared that I cannot type it all, for the rest of the information check their video here and enjoy!





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