Breath of the Wild Impression!


I want to talk a bit more about Zelda Breath of the Wild, as we saw last night the game will be released along the launch of the system on March 3rd 2017 that is great news for all us Zelda fans, it gives us an excuse to break our piggy-bank and spend on this new system. Last night at the Switch event some games had their own segment but Breath of the Wild took the spotlight with a 3 minutes and 50 second video showcasing with more details what the game will be about.

The video shows some of the game locations and some combat, some of the locations like always a fire world, woods, desert, and a snow or ice world. I liked what I saw, as shown previously the fighting will be more active more into it than previous games. The story behind it as always is a princess in distress and we need to save her, the video showed Link and who I believe it was Zelda but they looked kind of like an Anime character. We see also some of the enemies, some of the old characters come back looking a bit different like the Zora, Gerudo valley Thieves, Big Fairy and the Goron, of course since is a new game they all look different.

The video leaves us wishing for more and as noted previously I am glad the game will be released along the console because we have waited enough time to get our hand on this and play it. Not much information was given about the game just the video, not sure how many boss or locations we need to explore and how big they are, if they are like previous Zelda games then it may be about 6 to 8 locations. What do you think of this title? It has been hyped since last year if not maybe since the end of 2015, do you think it will be as good as people are making it look?


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