Leaked Pokemon Game for the Switch

This happens all the time, there is always someone that has to “mess” things up, in this case I say “mess” because they may have mess thing internally but not for us. What do I mean? Well “accidentally” GameStop announced on their website (which now has been removed) that the Nintendo Switch will have a Pokémon title, this now confirms the rumors about Pokémon Stars. If you did not know about these rumors well guess is good you are reading this.

For about a month or so there have been rumors about a new title for the upcoming Nintendo Switch titled Pokémon Star, this are just rumors but some data found shows that this could really be a new game for the Switch. The title may be different, as we know each game has a code-name, and “Star” could be the code-name for the new Pokémon game. As mentioned the information regarding the leak in the GameStop site has been deleted but this is the text shown:

“Nintendo Switch games will include new title offerings from MarioSplatoonZelda, the NBA and more! You will even be able to play Skyrim on the go, or Pokémon at home with the Nintendo Switch. The unit will also include a number of handy, interchangeable Nintendo Switch accessories.” Source

As you may already know, tonight at 10PM CST, 11PM ET Nintendo will have their 1st Nintendo Switch event. I hope on this event they give us more information not just about Pokémon but other great titles, stay tuned for more info!



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