New from Amazon, Anime Service for $5 a month

For all the anime lovers here is another option to satisfy your anime crave. Amazon is launching their own Anime service for only $5 a month for all Amazon Prime subscribers. This is yet another option from the too many already out there, many of us use free sites or paid sites. Since it just launched there not much we can say yet about it, it is said they will contain newest anime available. Check it out and let us know what you think.



Leaked Pokemon Game for the Switch

This happens all the time, there is always someone that has to “mess” things up, in this case I say “mess” because they may have mess thing internally but not for us. What do I mean? Well “accidentally” GameStop announced on their website (which now has been removed) that the Nintendo Switch will have a Pokémon title, this now confirms the rumors about Pokémon Stars. If you did not know about these rumors well guess is good you are reading this. Continue reading