New Sun and Moon coming soon to TCG Online

Pokemon Sun & Moon TCG

It has been several months that we have enjoyed playing Sun and Moon, many are not fans of the game but are super fans of the Pokémon TCG Online, well as many may already know Sun and Moon are coming to the TCG Online game on February 3rd with over 140 new cards. The most current release is XY Evolutions, and the one before that which I think still pretty new is Steam Siege. Currently at the TCG Online Shop you can get BW Series 3 bundle pack, Black Kyurem (BW58), White Kyurem (BW59) and 3 BW-Plasma Freeze Booster packs for 650 coins. For 450 coins you can get XY Series Regice XY-Ancient Origins 24/98 and 2 XY Break Point Booster packs.  For 530 coins you can get XY Series Wobbuffet XY_Phantom Forces 36/119 and 1 Pokémon TCG XY-Steam Siege booster pack, card sleeves and 1 Pikachu coin. And finally in the featured items for 300 coins you can get either a Charmander or Squirtle Kanto sleeve or for 100 coins a Squirtle Deck Box.

Pokemon TCG Online Store

Pokemon TCG Online Store


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